"Never get a chance to hear the poor voice"... Popular actor slams Ajith for ignoring fans

(This article is authored by Alar)

When the heavy rains and floods hit Chennai, many people were stranded and helpless. Among them were two popular actors, Aamir Khan and Vishnu Vishal, who were staying in Karapakkam. They took to X to share their plight and seek help from anyone who could reach them. Their fans and well-wishers were anxious and prayed for their safety.

But little did they know that actor Ajith was on his way to rescue them. He had learnt about their situation through a common friend and decided to visit them personally. He also helped them with the travel arrangements and ensured that they were safe and comfortable.

However, not everyone was happy with Ajith’s gesture. Actor and director Bose Venkat, took to X to express his disappointment and anger. He accused Ajith of ignoring his fans who were also suffering from the floods and only caring about the celebrities.

He wrote in Tamil, which loosely translates to, “Tamil Nadu will keep immigrants alive. Tamil Nadu will protect all the northerners here… (You have a good connection)… But you never get a chance to hear the poor fans' voice who loves you and takes a ticket and sees you, (you could have been left a boat for him too)”.

Bose Venkat’s post sparked a heated debate among the netizens. Some supported him and said that Ajith should have helped his fans first. Others defended Ajith and said that he did a noble deed and should not be criticized. Some also pointed out that he should ask to our Government.

Ajith, who is known for his silence and humility, did not respond to Bose Venkat’s tweet or the controversy. Meanwhile, Chennai witnessed severe waterlogging, power outages, and communication breakdowns. Many people took to social media to seek help and share their plight. Some posted videos and photos of the flooded streets, submerged vehicles, and collapsed buildings. According to the latest reports, the situation in Chennai is gradually improving, as the water levels are receding and the power supply is being restored.