Next major launch from MK Stalin: What's the crux of TN State Child Policy?

In what has become the next major launch from Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin, the government has unveiled a new State Child Policy with the vision of establishing good education and development measures for the students in the state. The policy was launched on Saturday and it has become the first-of-its-kind approach in Tamil Nadu.

The child policy will be the drive of ensuring a safe environment for children and provision of nutrition, education, and healthcare for them. According to the government, the policy has been made by inducting the factors that help in their growth including nutrition, education, healthcare, safety, and non-discrimination based on their sex.

The policy will be keeping its focus on vital areas of survival, health and nutrition, education, protection, and participation, following the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which works to uphold children's rights. According to the government, the policy has a vision of ensuring the holistic development of every child in enabling a safe environment to reach her/his full potential and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for children.

The document says that the policy will be put into action by developing a comprehensive Plan of Action. The Plan of Action will be drafted based on consultation sessions and inputs from different government departments and bodies, civil society organizations, and academic intuitions to work towards common results and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals indicators. 

The policy will go into revision every five years based on impacts and outcomes through an evidence-based appraisal and indicators of Sustainable Development Goals. The government's mission of the policy highlights that it will endeavour to ensure that every child is protected from all forms of violence, abuse, and exploitation, will have access to quality health care and education, will be able to freely express his/her views on any issue concerning him/her and to ensure the principle of 'Leave no one behind'. The government has also noted that it has provided Rs 207.59 crore as compensation to 6,493 children in the state who had lost both or one of their parents to the Covid-19 pandemic.