The nightmare of 90s kids... Here is why The Undertaker decided to retire!

"At this point in my career, I have no desire to get back in the ring. I'm at a point, it's time this cowboy really rides away" - these were the words from the wrestler who dominated and preeminent-ed the ring for three decades. He speaks in a relaxed mood after he chose peace than being a deadman in the ring as the phenomenal on-ring destructor has taken the prospect through the docuseries to speak about his retirement. 

Mark Calaway is the real name of the dominator of the ring who became a nonpareil-ed wrestler under the ring name of "The Undertaker". Three decades of dominance, un-vained destruction, and everlasting audacity and fans would undoubtedly be a mark for Mark Calaway as he left the wrestling world with a huge shock after announcing his retirement from the ring and making the docuseries 'Last Ride' as his last ride. 

         File photo: The Undertaker's scariest entry to the ring


The Undertaker and the 90's kids across the wrestling world have a special bond between them as this generation had lively witnessed how The Undertaker dominated the ring and their lives. Be it the Madison Square Garden in NYC or the Staples Center in Los Angeles or Wrestlemanias and Royal Rumbles...each ring and a season would tell a story of the deadman. The Undertaker is known for his scary and peculiar appearances. 

We can bet that there would be no one in the wrestling world not being spooky whenever their ears heard the scariest thunder music and their eyes saw the deadman walking in the midst of the smoke. It was indeed horrific to watch his entry to the ring and the phrase "deadman" prefixed his name when the world claimed that he has seven lives and he amazed the world through some of the awe-scaring scenes of unearthing himself from the graveyards. 


The Undertaker was active since 1987 and while he was labeled as a destructor, he also had earned opponents who posed an interminable battle against him in his career. When most on the ring spooked off against the deadman, there were dozens of stars who took on the deadman fearlessly. He shaped his career as a professional wrestler in a way that can't be skipped in the history of wrestling and his retirement announcement has shocked the 90's kids. Ain't it?

The "Last Ride" docuseries have covered the man behind The Undertaker during the past three years of his iconic career. During the final episode of the docuseries, he said he's at peace with not wrestling again. "I'm at a point, it's time this cowboy really rides away. There's nothing left for me to conquer or accomplish. The game has changed. Its time for new guys to come up".  The wrestler has seemingly decided that it is the right time to spend time with the family. 

          The Undertaker in the docuseries "The Last ride"


Why it's the right time? The wrestler says he thought that the time has come after he neared the death in the ring while fighting against Goldberg. The deadman felt the death of pain when Goldberg smashed him in the ring last year and that's when he thought of bringing his dominance to an end. And it has brought to an end now as the upcoming wrestling world isn't lucky enough to sight the entry and dominance of this deadman, who indeed has nothing to conquer. 

The Undertaker has bidded a farewell for the ring presenting the iconic career, phenomenal matches, and of course, everlasting memories of wrestling as Mark Calaway opted to be at peace and to be with family. Thank you deadman for being such a magnet of attracting people through dominance, for giving unforgettable memories, and being an irreplaceable wrestler in the history of wrestling.