'No bank loan if you don't know Hindi': See how the TN bank manager invited the trouble and outrage!

In what has become yet another episode of controversy over the unfair treatments towards the non-Hindi speakers, the bank manager in Ariyalur in Tamil Nadu had got transferred on Tuesday after he has reportedly refuted to process the loan application of the customer under the grounds that the latter doesn't know Hindi. 

According to reports, 76-year-old Balasubramanian, who is a retired doctor, had approached the Indian Overseas Bank, Gangaikondacholapuram branch in Ariyalur district twelve days ago for acquiring the loan to construct a commercial complex on a land that he owns. He has been a customer of the bank for many years and he has disclosed the supporting documents for acquiring the loan. 

However, he had gone through a bitter experience with Branch Manager Vishal Narayan Kamble, who denied the loan based on the grounds of language. Kamble is a native of Maharashtra and Balasubramanian said that the branch manager had asked him whether he knew Hindi. The retired doctor stated that he knew Tamil and English, after which the branch manager ran into a tussle and they had a heated argument, just because the long-term customer doesn't know Hindi. 

Balasubramanian said that the branch manager had told him he couldn't check the land documents since they were in Tamil. As the documents were in Tamil, the manager had reportedly refused to verify the documents and he denied his loan application without even checking the documents. After the incident, Balasubramanian had issued a legal notice to the bank manager and claimed a compensation of Rs 1 lakh for the mental stress he had faced due to the behavior of the manager. 

The retired doctor has stated that the conduct of the bank manager in refusing the loan for not knowing Hindi is a deficiency of service and he further added that he would go for the district consumer court if the bank fails to pay him the compensation. After the incident came to light, it had sparked massive outrage across the state as the recent episodes of such Hindi supremacy had met with flak from the opposition parties.

After the shocking developments, the Indian Overseas Bank had officially issued the statement dated September 21 in which it has said that it has transferred branch manager Vishal Narayan Kamble to another branch of the bank in Trichy district. Previously, DMK MP Kanimozhi had faced such an incident at the Chennai airport where the CISF security official had asked the leader whether she is Indian after she said that she doesn't know Hindi. 


After the issue in the bank had come to light, DMK President MK Stalin took to Twitter and harshly warned that if they play with the Tamil sentiments, a small spark will ignite as a larger fire. By questioning whether the bank loan won't be provided if we don't know Hindi, the state opposition leader said that nurturing Hindi fanatism is a grave danger.