No Face Masks? Pay Rs.2000 Fine... Delhi's New Strict Rule! 

In spite of the increase in Covid-19 positive cases in India, People roaming around public places casually with no masks on their faces. People slowly getting adapted to this pandemic. 

To solve this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has increased the fine for not wearing masks in public places from Rs 500 to Rs 2000. 
He said, "I appeal to everyone, all religious, social, political parties, and organizations to distribute masks to people on the street. If you wear a mask, the chances of you getting coronavirus to minimize. It is very much needed to lower the coronavirus cases in Delhi. Please wear a mask," said Kejriwal. It will be worth mentioning that total cases in Delhi presently stand at 5,03,084 and the death toll stands at 7,943.