No freedom to speak the truth: Khusbhu flays Congress after shifting her allegiance to BJP!

Taking a jibe against the Congress party a day after she left the party, actor turned politician Khushbu had flayed the Congress leadership in Tamil Nadu as she unveiled her new voice in support of BJP. On Tuesday, the actor had returned to Chennai from Delhi and she was given a grand reception by the BJP functionaries in Chennai airport as the members welcomed her with the garland. 

Following the overwhelming reception, Khusbu addressed the reporters in the press conference in BJP Headquarters 'Kamalalayam' in Chennai during which she had staunching attacked the Congress party as she launched a new political stint in BJP. While addressing the reporters, Khushbu had called the Congress as the mentally retarded party and claimed that the oldest party would soon realize what they have lost. 

She was reacting to the response of Tamil Nadu Congress president KS Alagiri, who said that there was no loss to the party because of her exit and stated that the Congress members had seen her as an actor, not as the politician in the past six years. She addressed in the presence of senior Tamil Nadu BJP leaders and said that she is very happy to be here and claimed that the BJP should grow for the country to grow and strongly castigated Alagiri's remarks by stating that it took him six years to find out that she is an actor. 

She went on to question how the Congress party can do good to the nation if there was no freedom to speak the truth within the party. While addressing the reporters at the Chennai airport upon her arrival, the actor turned politician said that the Tamil Nadu Congress Unit had become impaired cognitive functions and stated that there is no respect for people in the oldest party and those who exited. 

Putting out the reason why she switched side, Khushbu said she was insulted by the Congress party and she was not invited for the party events and stated that the Gandhis camp was very keen on finding the faults in the Central government policies just for the sake of opposing it. She pressed that she continues to be a 'Periyarist' and said that she would raise her voice for uplifting women and Dalits.

Responding to the question of whether she would offer an apology for branding BJP members for getting Rs 2 to troll her on Social media and stir speculations that she would join BJP, she said she will not apologize and called those who trolled on social media as faceless and fake people. After shifting her allegiance to BJP, she said that the Congress leadership for disrespecting her and said that she was truthful to the party during her association. 

She claimed that she never opposed the policies just for the sake of opposing and highlighted that she had supported the Modi government for banning Triple Talaq and for implementing the National Educational Policy 2020. The actor turned politician was surfaced by the speculations that she would be joining BJP after she apparently welcomed the Education policy when Congress had opposed it. 

Khushbu had joined BJP on Monday in the presence of BJP National Secretary CT Ravi, Tamil Nadu BJP President L Murugan, and BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra in Delhi. She entered politics in 2010 after she joined DMK and in 2014, she had joined the Congress party and six years later, now, she has joined BJP. While addressing her role, the actor turned politician said that the leadership of the Central ruling party is yet to decide on the role. On Monday, she had tendered her resignation from the Congress party to party president Sonia Gandhi in which she said that leaders like her were pushed and suppressed and the high level leaders with no ground-level connectivity are dictating terms to the party.