'No need to quit BJP, but work for Aam Aadmi': Kejriwal's advice to BJP workers turns heads!

BJP ruling Gujarat has been sparked by the election heat as the political parties have begun their campaign trail for the upcoming assembly polls that will be held later this year. Besides the traditional clash between the BJP and Congress, Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has gained a strong attraction from the Gujarat voters as it has joined the race with the national parties. 

Delhi ruling Aam Aadmi is unequivocally building its plan to strengthen the party across the country. It contested and won the Punjab assembly polls earlier this year and it also has contested in Goa to display that it is rising as a huge contender for the BJP. As Gujarat goes for the election, Arvind Kejriwal is touring the home state of Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to defeat the BJP.

As Kejriwal is posing to lead a battalion against the BJP, the nation is watching how the Delhi Chief Minister is turning heads through his jibing remarks. On Saturday - September 3, Kejriwal left a piece of advice for the BJP workers in Gujarat - asking them to work for Aam Aadmi internally. He appealed to the BJP workers to work for the Aam Aadmi party while staying in the BJP. 

Kejriwal stated that the BJP workers should continue to get payment from their party but they should work for Aam Aadmi from the inside. Addressing a press conference in Rajkot on the final day of his two-day visit to Gujarat, Kejriwal cited that the BJP workers will benefit from all the guarantees promised by him to the people when his party comes to power in the state. 

He said, "We don't want BJP leaders. The BJP can keep its leaders. BJP's workers in villages, booths, and taluks are joining us. I would like to ask them what the BJP gave them in return for their service in the party even after so many years?." He noted that the BJP didn't offer free and quality education, healthcare and free electricity to BJP workers and their family members but AAP will care for their welfare. 

He further said, "You (BJP workers) can stay with your party but work for AAP. Many of them get paid by BJP. So, take the payment from there but work for us, because we do not have money." "When we form a government, we will provide free electricity, and this will apply to your houses as well. We will provide you with free, 24-hour power, and build good schools for your children where they will get free education", he added. 

He said, "We will ensure free and quality treatment for your family members and offer Rs 1,000 to women as an allowance in your family." Kejriwal advised the BJP workers that there is no point in staying in the BJP and ensuring its victory again after 27 years of rule. "I would like to tell all the BJP workers to stay there but work for the AAP. You are smart, work for AAP from the inside", Kejriwal reiterated.