Old is gold: How this Chennai police inspector recovered a missing gold chain by using this old trick?

The Inspector of Egmore Police Station in Chennai has become the talk of the town after recoving a missing gold chain through employing an old trick. As both the victim and accused were the government servants, he humanely moved the case without arresting the stealer nor sharing the details with the victim. At the end of day, the missing gold chain reached the hands it belongs to, thanks to the good old trick that was familiar in the movies. 

According to reports, 48-year-old Usha has been working as a health assistant at the government Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC) in Pudupet, Chennai. On December 17, she lost her gold chain. She approached the Egmore police station and lodged a complaint with Inspector Esakki Pandian. Usha said that her five-sovereign gold chain went missing while she was sleeping in her workplace on December 17. 

Based on her complaint, the police inspector sifted the CCTV footage in the scene and confirmed that no outsider entered the scene at the time when the chain went missing. Inspector Esakki Pandian suspected that one of the employees at the UPHC could have stolen the chain. He then decided to use an old trick to recover the chain.  

The inspector placed an empty bag at a room in the UPHC and told the eleven employees to go inside the room and whoever took the chain to leave it in the bag. He further assured all the employees that there won't be any further inquiries and after everyone came out of the room, the missing chain was found in the bag. After retrieving the chain, the police handed it over to Usha who received it with full of tears. 

According to the police, Usha was sleeping at the UPHC last Friday and when she woke up around 3 pm, she found that her gold chain worth Rs 5 lakh went missing. After her complaint, Inspector Esakki Pandian and a team of police reached the scene and conducted investigations. As per the police, UPHC would function from 7 am to 2 pm and after the working hours, only workers will be staying at the medical facility. 

As no patient entered the facility after 2 pm, the police confirmed that one of the workers could have stolen the chain. During the investigation, the inspector told all the UPHC workers that there will be severe consequences if the culprit was found and charged. As the workers were government servants, the Inspector told them that facing a cheating case would etch a black mark in their career which could lead them to get suspended or dismissed from the service.

After conveying his message, the Inspector kept the empty bag in a room and let all the workers inside. The lights in the room were switched off and it became a window for the culprit to put the chain back in the bag. Finally, when the lights were on, the missing gold chain was found in the bag and it was handed over to Usha. It must be noted that Inspector Esakki Pandian used this strategy two times before and retrieved the missing items.