Once again??? China shocks the world by reopening its wet markets!

While most of the countries are busy and, in fact, fighting, stumbling and putting unprecedented measures to combat the Coronavirus, China has got busy in something the rest of the world would hate - reopening the wet markets in its territory and kick-starting the sales of bats, dogs, and pangolins for human consumption.

The Chinese wet markets hold the name of being the epicenter of the Coronavirus, which has now become the global threat by leaving the countries to close the borders, shut down the operations, and cease the transportation channels. The new entry in the line of the deadliest epidemics has affected more than 9 lakh people worldwide and claimed nearly 48,000 lives making India unexceptional. All these calamities were caused by the virus that originated from the wet markets in China late last year.

Traders and consumers wear protective mask in the wet market as the trading has been re-opened amid the outbreak of the global pandemic


Amid the outbreak, the Chinese traders have seemingly learned nothing from what the world has been going through as they prepared to gear up their sales of the mammals that would be feared to unleash another round of the threat by adding the retreat for world's counter-measures. They have re-opened the wet markets and they are actively selling bats, dogs, and pangolins to the public. 

According to the scientists, the COVID-19 was identified in a bat in China which was transmitted to humans. The reports say that a 55-year-old man from Hubei province, the epicenter for the virus, could have been the first person to get affected by the virus through such wet markets.

These wet markets in China are largely known for selling live animals like bats, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, and pangolin - the scaly anteater. Some of the scientists believe that the re-opening of such markets could be more dangerous as the COVID-19 was introduced by these markets to the rest of the world, which has been waging a war against the pandemic. 'Washington Examiner' has stated that the wet markets have gone back to operating in exactly the same way as they did before Coronavirus.

             A vendor at the Chinese wet market 


It must be recalled that on January 12, the World Health Organization has said the evidence is highly suggestive that the outbreak is associated with exposures in one seafood market in Wuhan. According to the reports, the market was identified as Huanan Seafood Market. The Examiner further stated, by quoting the China-based correspondent' that the people in China believe the outbreak is over and there's nothing to worry about anymore and it has now become a foreign problem as far as they are concerned. The reports stated that the wet markets are being monitored to ensure that no one can able to take the pictures of slaughtering the animals and blood-soaked floors.

Several medical experts, scientists, and activists are demanding to shut down the wet markets in China. However, the world's second-largest economy had defied and re-opened the wet markets that might be as equal as to opening up the 'Pandora Box' once again.