One week of Baba Rerelease: This is how Superstar's classic 90s flick earned in Box Office!

(This article is authored by Alar)

On December 10, in honor of Thalaivar's 72nd birthday, the classic 90s flick Baba, in which Rajinikanth starred in 2002, returned to theatres. In order to appeal to a modern audience, the film has been updated with new editing and effects. Suresh Krishna helms the supernatural action drama Baba. Despite the film's commercial failure, Rajinikanth's devoted fan base grew to love Baba.

More than 400 theatres showed the remastered Baba at 4 am show alongside the newly released films. The movie had been heavily promoted leading up to its release, so everyone was anticipating good things at the box office. As a result, on its first day, the film surprised everyone by earning over Rs.1.4 crores.  This included over Rs.80 lakhs in Tamil Nadu, Rs.7.5 lakhs in Karnataka, Rs.5 lakhs in other states, and Rs.50 lakhs in foreign countries.

The latest figures on the success of Rajinikanth's "Baba" at the box office show that the film's re-release has brought in a worth total of Rs 4 crores, with the Chennai area contributing nearly Rs 1.5 crores as of one week. The re-release of "Baba" saw wide distribution both in India and abroad, and early estimates suggest that it may have earned as much as Rs 5 crores.

The new release is 30 minutes shorter than the original version from 2002, and the makers have altered the film's climax to reflect modern tastes. And the songs have been updated with remixes to make them sound more current. Starring Rajinikanth, Manisha Koirala, Amrish Puri, and Ashish Vidyarthi, the film was a smashing success.

AR Rahman provided the musical score. Moreover, Rajini penned the film's story and screenplay as well. Rajinikanth produced the movie through his own company, Lotus International, and he has stated in multiple interviews that this film is very personal to him.