Online Rummy Suicide: Another engineer student ends his life in Manaparai

(This article is authored by Alar)

The state is growingly sounding about cases of people losing their lives and stealing money since playing online rummy. The young generation in particular, who should be devouring the thrive of life, is turning to the sinister side of online rummy. The most recent incident was reported in Manaparai, close to Trichy, where a 23-year-old engineering student killed himself on Thursday by jumping in front of a train after losing thousands of rupees playing online rummy.

Later, it was discovered that he had killed himself by lying on railway tracks after posting a status message on his phone claiming that "online rummy is to blame for my death." According to sources, R Santhosh, an engineering student in his third year at Manapparai's Kurinji College of Engineering and Technology who works at the bicycle stand at the bus stop, has fallen for the online rummy trap.

Santhosh was in the habit of taking away his mother’s jewels to play rummy online. When his parents searched for the missing jewels, they found that Santhosh was taking them away and scolded him.

A gold ring was missing from their home on Wednesday. Inquiring about the missing ring while Santhosh was away, his parents got in touch with him. According to the police, they counseled him to break his online rummy addiction during the conversation. Santhosh, who left for college on Thursday morning, skipped the classes out of frustration over his parents' reprimand.

He did not, however, go home that night. He didn't answer his mobile phone when his parents tried to call him. He was nowhere to be found despite their best efforts. His body was discovered on the tracks on Thursday morning in the Trichy-Madurai section, close to the Manapparai railway station. According to the police, Santhosh also mentioned in his WhatsApp status that he had lost a ton of money playing online rummy, which was the reason behind his extreme action.