'Our action will speak soon': Sylendra Babu's first statement after becoming Tamil Nadu DGP!

With floods of wishes and commendations from across and beyond Tamil Nadu, C Sylendra Babu IPS had on Wednesday taken charge as the new Director-General of Police, Tamil Nadu. Outgoing DGP JK Tripathy has welcomed his successor to the highest law enforcement office in the state and there was a ceremonial transition of power from Tripathy to Sylendra Babu post which the former congratulated the latter before leaving the office. 

JK Tripathy had served as the Tamil Nadu DGP for two years and got retired on Wednesday - June 30. There was a strong race between the IPS officers and being the senior-most IPS officer in Tamil Nadu, Sylendra Babu has won the race and was appointed as the next DGP of Tamil Nadu. He took charge of his new post on Wednesday and after assuming the highest office of the Tamil Nadu police, he said, that he would take steps to give proper training to the police officers to be humane while dealing with the public. 

His first remarks as the DGP have come after the people had raised more concerns and objections on the excess policing and police brutality, which has been growing in the state. While addressing the reporters after assuming the post, Sylendra Babu said, "Our action will speak soon. As I have just joined, I will review and look into all possible aspects to drive the police department in the right direction and perspective."

He said, "Law and order and crime are the two eyes of policing. These are our main priorities." The newly appointed DGP has thanked Chief Minister MK Stalin for giving him an opportunity to work as the head of the police force. He added, "The petitions given to the Chief Minister office will be resolved within thirty days. We will send a detailed report to the Chief Minister's office every month." 

Sylendra Babu is the 1987 batch IPS officer and he has held several high-ranking posts in the Tamil Nadu police and he is the 30th DGP of Tamil Nadu. Sylendra Babu will be serving as the DGP for two years and he will be heading the Tamil Nadu police, which is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in India with over 1 lakh police personnel. The responsibility of leading a massive fleet of police personnel and maintaining the law and order in the state is now been levied on Sylendra Babu. 

Outgoing DGP JK Tripathy (L) welcomes his successor C Sylendra Babu (R) in the DGP office, Chennai - June 30, 2021


Outgoing DGP JK Tripathy was given a grand farewell by the police officers as he walked out of the office as DGP for the final time. The senior officers at the DGP's office had offered their salutes to both JK Tripathy and Sylendra Babu even as the entire state of Tamil Nadu had celebrated the appointment of Sylendra Babu as the DGP. As part of the ceremonial farewell, the police officers had dragged JK Tripathy's car using the ropes up to the exit gate of the DGP office.