'Our aim is to win this war in 21 days' - PM Modi during his first address after lockdown!

In his first public address after imposing an unprecedented nationwide lockdown for three weeks with the aim to curb the spread of the Coronavirus across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has, for the second time in 24 hours, pressed the people to observe social distancing to contain the virus.

Through his video conferencing address to the residents of his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi, the Prime Minister has taken the prospect to reach out to the people of every corner towards reiterating the Center's stand on combating the virus and stated that the entire country has been fighting against the Coronavirus and the nation's aim and effort is to win the global pandemic in 21 days, which is the period of the nationwide lockdown and the imposed curfew would remain in place until April 14th, 2020 making all the non-essential operations across the country to shut down and the embargo has restricted the movement of the people, ceased the transportation channels and closed the borders.

Prime Minister Modi addressing the residents of Varanasi - March 25, 2020 - ANI Photo


Modi further stated that social distancing becomes essential to battle and conquer the war. By stating that the people are not paying their attention towards the developments, he requested people to understand the facts and not to ear the rumors and cited that the people who perform yoga and exercise won't be exceptional to the virus. Modi has also interacted with some of the residents of Varanasi during which he stated that the Central government has installed a help desk in collaboration with WhatsApp to attain authentic information about the Coronavirus and the people can reach out to 9013151515 to reach the help desk.

By highlighting that Mahabharat war was won in 18 days, he told that the nation aims to win the war against Coronavirus in 21 days. The Prime Minister asserted he had directed the Union Home Ministry and the DGPs of all the states to initiate stern actions against the people who are not supporting and cooperating with doctors, nurses, medical professionals who are serving the nation at this important time and added that the healthcare professionals are risking their own lives by saving the infected people from the pandemic.

Prime Minister Modi chairing the cabinet ministerial meet in Delhi during which the Central ministers observed distance among each other as part of practising social distancing - March 25, 2020


He pressed the people to stay at home and reach out to the doctors immediately if anyone develops the symptoms and appealed to the people to stay off from rumors and superstitions. This was Modi's second address over Coronavirus in last 24 hours and the third one in a week and while addressing the nation on Tuesday, Modi declared three-weeks lockdown across the country by placing the shutdown to every corner of the country to accelerate the fight against the Coronavirus, which has affected more than 550 and claimed ten people in India in a short period. Modi affirmed that the complete lockdown could be the only way to break the chain and to contain the spread and he appealed to the people to remain calm and not to panic and he warned that the more the people stay outside the higher the risk they invite to their families and he stated that if people fail to observe self-isolation, it would lead the nation to witness large devastations.

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