Overcharging COVID-19 patient: Chennai's top hospital ordered not to treat patients!

After identifying that Be Well Hospital in Chennai's Kilpauk area has been charging exorbitantly from the COVID-19 patients beyond what has been prescribed by the government, the Tamil Nadu health department has temporarily canceled the authorization of Be Well Hospital in treating the COVID-19 patients. 

According to the reports, the private hospital has charged Rs 12.20 lakh from a COVID-19 patient for 19 days of hospitalization which exceeded the fee cap fixed by the government and the hospital has also failed to provide special medicines to the virus hit patients as per the government's protocols. 

On Saturday, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijayabaskar said in a press release that the inspection carried out by the authorities revealed that the Be Well hospital in Kilpauk charged Rs 12,20,000 from a COVID-19 patient for 19 days and following the revelation, the state government has temporarily canceled the authorization given the hospital to treat the COVID-19 patients.

The Minister further pressed that the government should take action against the private hospitals if they found to be charging more from the COVID-19 patients for their treatment. The reports stated that the state government has issued a directive to the private hospitals with the fee cap after the patients complained of the exorbitant fee charged. On June 5, the state government has rolled out the order to cap the hospitalization charges for the private hospitals.

As per the order, the private hospitals which are authorized to treat the COVID-19 patients can charge a maximum of Rs 7,500 per day from the asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients while it can charge a maximum of Rs 15,000 per day from the patients with severe symptoms who are getting treated in the ICUs. 

Along with the order, the government has directed the private hospitals to adhere to the fee cap and warned of severe action if found to be violated and on Saturday, the government has canceled the authorization of Be Well Hospital in treating the COVID-19 patients after it has charged exorbitantly that the prescribed fee.