Persisting NEET Suicide: Karur 18 Year Old Ended Her Life After Fearing Of Low Marks

(This article is authored by Alar)

Tamil Nadu had witnessed shocking developments as 18-year-old Preethi Sri, a local of Kolluthinni Patti hamlet in Karur ended their life by committing suicide on Friday, that had triggered an outrage in the locals. She reportedly committed suicide out of fear of getting bad grades. The demised aspirant was the daughter of  Shekhar, is a resident of this village and his wife is Lakshmi they have 2 daughters have a son. His eldest daughter is Preethi Sri aged 18 years and completed her 12th last year in a private school.

NEET was initially implemented as a strict screening process to guarantee that only deserving applicants for medical seats get admitted to medical colleges and to put an end to the practice of collecting capitation fees, which fueled corruption. The Karur student Patty who took the NEET test last month stayed at home. When no one was home, the student, who was by herself in the same location, hanged herself in her grandmother's house. The grandma discovered the student hanging as she was sitting outside the house.

Following that, neighbors rushed over to alert the student's parents and the Lalapet police station. The student's body was found by the police, who then sent it to Government Medical College Hospital for an autopsy. According to the police's inquiry into this matter, the student told her family  that she is worried about scoring poorly on the NEET exam when she was taking it and worried that could only get a veterinary college seat.  Police said, “Unable to get an MBBS seat last year, she took the test again this year. Fearing low marks, she died by suicide.”
According to the Tamil Nadu government, the NEET exam is centralized and the students are under a great deal of pressure as a result, particularly those from rural areas. 

(Aid for people considering suicide is accessible through the Sneha Suicide Prevention Center Helpline at 044-24640050 and the TN Health Department Helpline at 104.)