"A personal announcement from Ajith Kumar" The star actor drops the big surprise on his new passion project

(This article is authored by Alar) 

Ajith Kumar, is known for his passion for motorcycles and adventure. He has travelled across India and abroad on his bike, exploring the beauty and diversity of different places. Now, he is ready to share his passion with others, by launching his own motorcycle touring company, AK Moto Ride.

The passionate actor announced his new venture through his manager Suresh Chandra with an official statement on Twitter today. He said that he was pleased to channel his passion for motorcycles and the outdoors into a professional endeavour. He quoted a famous saying: “Life is a beautiful ride. Embrace the twists, turns, and open roads ahead.” 

It reads, "A personal announcement from Ajith Kumar.  I am now pleased to share that I will be channeling my passion for motorcycles and the outdoors into a professional endeavour, through a motorcycle touring company, AK Moto Ride."

"AK Moto Ride will offer avid riders, adventure enthusiasts, and wanderlust seekers tours that explore not only the scenic landscapes of India, but also exotic international roads," he added. "With an unwavering commitment to safety and comfort, AK Moto Ride will provide a fleet of meticulously maintained adventure touring superbikes, ensuring reliability and performance throughout the tours,"

"Professional guides well-versed in the intricacies of motorcycle tours and with extensive knowledge of local customs and traditions will offer riders a seamless and immersive experience from start to finish," ended the prowess star.

Ajith Kumar is one of the most popular and successful actors in South India. He has acted in over 60 films, He was last seen in Thunivu directed by H. Vinoth, and he is currently working on his next film with director Magizh Thirumeni, which is expected to be an action thriller, as he recently wrapped the bike tour across nations.

With AK Moto Ride, Ajith Kumar has added another feather to his cap. He has proved that he is not only a versatile actor but also a passionate rider who loves to live life on his own terms. He has also inspired his fans and followers to follow their dreams and passions. As he said in the end his statement: “Live and let live.”