In pic: Rahul Gandhi is welcomed by two dogs as the Congress leader enters his 86th day of Bharat Jodo Yatra!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is marching successfully on his unprecedented national rally - Bharat Jodo Yatra and as he enters every state, he has been welcomed by a sea of cadres and every stopover of the Congress leader is making headlines. In a similar fashion, Rahul Gandhi on Friday had a different style of welcome when he entered the Agar Malwa district in Madhya Pradesh. 

Rahul Gandhi has crossed the half of his total itinerary with the same zeal and on Friday - December 2, he counted his 86th day of his journey and when he entered Agar Malwa, a pair of dogs welcomed the Congress leader with bouquets. He stopped for tea during the yatra and Sarvamitra Nachan, the owner of the six-year-old labradors, reached Tanodiya town with his pets to welcome the Congress leader. 

The dogs - Lizho and Rexy held a basket of bouquets and handed them over to Rahul Gandhi. After taking the bouquets, the Congress leader took a picture with quadrupeds. The picture has been going viral across the nation as it has been shared by the Congress cadres. 

Speaking about welcoming Rahul Gandhi with the dogs, Nachan told PTI, "We wished to do something different for the yatra. We are following it since the beginning and we trained the dogs to hand over the bouquets to Gandhi." Rahul Gandhi launched his Yatra on September 7, 2022, with the main objective to fight against the politics of fear, bigotry, and prejudice. It was started from Kanyakumari and he will end it in Jammu & Kashmir, covering 3,570 kilometers by walk in 150 days.