The plight of migrant workers: A child tries to wake her mother unknowing that she's dead!

The plight and predicament of the migrant workers have been unfolding tragic and painful stories across the nation. Although the lockdown has been claimed as one of the perfect weapons to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the flawed and sudden implementation of the restrictions across the country had played an arduous impact on the lives of migrant workers as they have largely become vulnerable by losing their jobs and lives. 

In a heartbreaking video that holds the testament of showing the gravity of the crisis, a toddler attempts to wake his mother who was laying down on the platform at a railway station in Bihar's Muzaffarpur. For him, his mother seems to be lying and tries to wake her up with removing the blanket, but the reality was that his mother has died due to starvation and dehydration and was in the eternal sleep. 

Unknowing that his mother won't come back to embrace him, the toddler was seeing to make vain attempts while the station hears the usual jingles of the arrivals and departures of the special trains which have been ferrying more stranded workers with more pains and tears. The video of the child and his dead mother has been shared on social media platforms after it has captured the true and ailing lives of the migrants in the wake of the lockdown. 


According to the reports, the deceased woman had boarded the Shramik special train from Gujarat on Saturday and she reached in Muzaffarpur in Bihar on Monday where she collapsed in the station and the demise has signaled the uncertainty of the most vulnerable people affected by the people and ranged an alarm to the government to formulate strategies to rescue and resuscitate the stranded workers. 

As the government aims to cement the trajectory to the revival mode from the survival mode, it also has to revive the grounds of survival of the migrant workers failing which the crisis would present more heartbreaking stories. Although the government claims that it has ferried over 22 lakh people through Shramik special trains, the recent incident has alerted the government to expedite the work to rescue the migrants who are majorly caught up with both economical and health crisis.

Since the lockdown has started playing its role, the nation had witnessed some of the disturbing events around the migrant workers who are taking the toughest passage on the road to reach their homeland in the absence of the transportation channels under the scorching sun. Many have died on their path due to starvation, dehydration, and overheat.