PM Modi is the second most influential person on Twitter in 2021: Check who is the first!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the global leaders to be super active on social media and his official handles would tell us how he almost spent his day as he would update his meetings, visits, and wishes regularly and he is a prominent figure in the world of Twitter. How much prominence? The recent research has the answer as it has revealed that Narendra Modi is the second most influential person on Twitter this year. 

The annual research was conducted by Brandwatch, a UK based consumer intelligence company. The research had concluded with the final list of 50 most influential people on Twitter this year. Of these 50 people, Narendra Modi was spotted in second place with 72 million followers on Twitter and it must be noted that the Indian Prime Minister had retained his rank for the second year in the row. Who has won the first rank? It's American singer Taylor Swift and both Swift and Modi have an influential score of 97. 

The list has celebrities from various backgrounds and for the first time, Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar had made it to the list and ranked at 35. The master blaster is ranked above the likes of American actors Dwayne Johnson and Leonardo Di Caprio, and former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama among others. The research had cited that Tendulkar's appreciable real work for the less fortunate, lending his voice and presence for the right causes, his inspired fans following, and his partner brands' relevant impactful campaigns for his inclusion in the list. 

The ranking has shown that musician appears to be the most influential profession on the platform, with 54% of the ranked influencers falling under this category. Following 'musicians', 'Television Host' is the second most influential profession on Twitter, with 12% of the top 50 influencers belonging to this category. Only two politicians had made it to the top ten and while one is Prime Minister Modi, the other is former US President Barack Obama. 

On the front of demography, Brandwatch has said among the 50 identified influencers, 61% are male and 39% female, with the majority (67%) based in the United States, followed by Brazil (13%). Some of the new entrants, besides Sachin Tendulkar, include Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Liam Payne, and Bruno Mars. Narendra Modi and Sachin Tendulkar are the only Indians to get placed on the list of 50 influential people. The former Indian batsman has 36 million followers and has an influence score of 93. 

Brandwatch was founded in 2007 and uses social media data to provide companies with information and means to analyze their brands' online presence. Ksenia Newton, Marketing Content Specialist of Brandwatch, has said, "Our data suggested that home-bound consumers sought to cope with the pandemic-inflicted stress by distracting themselves with subscription services and streaming, which we think may have caused this shift in influence from politics in 2020 to entertainment in 2021."