PM Narendra Modi's brother and his family injured in a fatal accident...Here's what happened!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's brother Prahlad Modi and the latter's family members have met with a fatal accident on Tuesday - December 27 in Mysuru. The accident happened on National Highway 766 and Prahlad Modi and his family members were travelling in a SUV. 

According to reports, when their car was driving to Bandipur from Bengaluru, the vehicle had an accident near Kadakola, 14 kms away from Mysuru city, at around 1.30 pm on Tuesday. Five people were inside the car - Prahlad Modi, his son, daughter-in-law, a six-year-old boy, and the driver. 

It has been reported that the car had hit the road divider while negotiating a turn and the people inside the car had suffered injuries. The incident was reported to the police after which the officials rushed to the spot. All the injured were taken to JSS Hospital in Mysuru for further treatments. 

Mysuru MP Pratap Simha said that Prahlad Modi's six-year-old grandson suffered a fracture in his left leg. After learning about the incident, several BJP functionaries rushed to the hospital and inquired about their health and they urged the hospital to provide better treatments for the injured. 

The reports say that Narendra Modi's brother and his family travelled in a Mercedes-Benz SUV and the visuals from the spot shown that the front side of the car was brutally damaged. Mysuru Superintendent of Police Seema Latkar had visited the accident spot and the hospital and probed about the incident. A team of police personnel has been stationed at the hospital for the security purpose.