A Police officer in Tamil Nadu ends his life in Chennai...Second suicide within a month!

In a shocking piece of news, a police officer in Tamil Nadu has committed suicide in Chennai on Wednesday - August 3 and the suicide has become a second such incident recorded in the state within a month. After learning about the demise of a police officer on Wednesday, the state police fraternity has been paying tribute to the deceased and expressing condolences to his family.

According to reports, Senthil Kumar was serving as an armed reserve police constable and he was staying in Egmore with his colleagues. He was stationed at Chennai's Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, where he shot himself to death on Wednesday. He was on guard duty in the stadium where the valedictory function of the 44th Chess Olympiad is scheduled to be held on August 10. 

Preliminary inquiries have revealed that constable Senthil Kumar has committed suicide due to family issues. After registering a case into Senthil Kumar's death, the Periamet Police department sent the body to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital for performing an autopsy. The suicide of Senthil Kumar has become the second such incident within a month. 

On July 15, 29-year-old police officer Kalimuthu has committed suicide by shooting himself. Kalimuthu was a native of Virudhunagar district and he was attached to the Coimbatore police. It was reported that he borrowed more than Rs 20 lakh from his known persons as he was addicted to playing rummy. By playing what has been a controversial game, Kalimuthu has incurred heavy losses and debts. He assured the debtors that he will repay the money as soon as possible. 

However, he didn't keep up the word while the debts piled up. As he can't able to repay the money, he had decided to end his life. Speaking to IANS, the officials in Coimbatore said that 32 government departments opened their stalls to exhibit their products and schemes in an exhibition that was held in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. The police department had also installed its stall which displayed its weapons. 

On Friday - July 15, Kalimuthu was on duty and when no one was in the stall during the noon hours, Kalimuthu took an SLR gun from the display and shot himself in the abdomen. A police officer said that the bullet pierced through Kalimuthu's abdomen and came out through his back. After knowing that he shot himself, his colleagues had rushed Kalimuthu to a private hospital following which he was put under intensive medical treatment. However, he passed away due to injuries on July 16.