Political crisis in BJP-ruling Karnataka: Is Yediyurappa resigning from the post with this condition?

The incessant allegations that were piled against Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa have now triggered a political crisis in the BJP-ruling Karnataka with the speculations that he is resigning from the post. The speculations were fueled when many in the know had claimed that Yediyurappa will soon be replaced as the sequel of growing allegations that he has been indulging in corruption. 

In an unprecedented fashion, Yediyurappa has earned dissidents within the party and several disappointed state leaders had also accused the Chief Minister's family of interfering in the state government's administration with the claims that his son Vijayendra has begun to influence the administration. The Chief Minister is also been surfaced with the allegations for what has been mentioned as flawed handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and involving in corruption. 

78-year-old Yediyurappa is the oldest Chief Minister in India and another section of the leaders in the BJP is demanding his resignation with his age factor. They say that his age is not comforting him at his duties and it's imperative for the party to introduce a new Chief Ministerial face and build the base in the state ahead of the assembly polls in 2023. According to reports, as Yediyurappa's citadel is on the brink of getting collapsed, the BJP Central leadership had called him to Delhi. 

On Friday, Yediyurappa had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed pending state works, including the Mekedatu project across the Cauvery river. On the other side, the reports had said that Yediyurappa had also discussed the cabinet expansion in Karnataka. He was scheduled to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, and BJP National President JP Nadda on Saturday. The meeting with the top BJP heads had risen the speculations that he will be asked to resign from the post of Chief Minister. 

However, Yediyurappa had dismissed such speculations and called them rumours. He asserted that he hasn't quit as Chief Minister. While addressing the reporters at the Karnataka Bhavan in Delhi to a question of his resignation, Yediyurappa has said, "Not at all. Not at all."  He added that he will return to Bengaluru after meeting with the BJP top leadership on Saturday. On the other hand, the reports from Delhi say that he has on Friday evening offered to resign citing ill health.

According to a news agency, Yediyurappa has offered to resign from the post of Chief Minister, when he met the Prime Minister on Friday, under the grounds of ill health. As he has put the ball on Modi's court, it is now up to Modi and BJP's Central leadership to decide where to accept his resignation. The reports have quoted that Yediyurappa had offered to resign on a condition that his son Vijayendra should get a big position in the state's party unit. 

As the rebellion grows against Yediyurappa, it has been reported that the BJP's central leadership will consider expanding the cabinet in Karnataka to accommodate the rebels. If Modi nods to accept the resignation of Yediyurappa to bring in a new face, then the state would likely witness a change of leadership on July 26, when Yediyurappa completes two years in his current term. Though Yediyurappa has the backing of the Central leadership, he has been facing a storm back in his state, and if he steps down as the Chief Minister, he will be quitting from his post for the third time even without completing a single term of five years.