Political crisis deepens in ADMK: VK Sasikala gives a big promise as ADMK General Secretary!

For years now, ADMK has been surfaced with the never-ending political fight between the current leadership - Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) and O Panneerselvam (OPS) and expelled ADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala. Tensions have been escalating between the factions on who should command the party, amid facing severe debacles in the recent elections. It has become habitual for ADMK to throw bombs on each other's court at their turns. 

The recent events had fueled the fight as the current leaders' EPS and OPS had amended the bye-laws of the party to retain their reign and to close the doors for VK Sasikala. On Wednesday, both the leaders had made the changes during the party's executive committee meeting in their bid to showcase them as the faces of the party. While they had thrown a bomb of closing doors to Sasikala at their turn, Sasikala has now come up with a promise to her supporters at her turn. 

Exactly a day after the ADMK had amended the bye-laws to elect top leaders, VK Sasikala has on Thursday issued a statement in which she has mentioned herself as ADMK's General Secretary, which had irked the current leaders, as her statement has come despite she was expelled from the post years ago and the party has relinquished the post. In her letter to her supporters including in the ADMK, Sasikala had asked them not to worry and gave a big promise that everything will change soon. She said that the cadres of ADMK need not be worried. Everything will change soon and it's for sure. 

She said, "This ADMK movement was formed after fighting against injustice and defeating betrayals. This movement was built by the hard work and sacrifice of the cadres. Our Puratchi Thalaivar (MGR) had treated him as the first cadre and had formed this movement by crossing hardships." She said that Jayalalithaa had faced similar challenges and left the movement that belongs to the cadres. "No one can forget that ADMK had become the third-largest party in India by functioning as a movement for cadres", she added.

She further said that the heart of every cadre is anguishing by seeing the current state of the party. There were several people who had sacrificed their lives for the party and it brings anxiety on whether their sacrifices will go in vain. "The value of the party is reduced and it has forgotten its cadres since it became to exchange the likes and hatred between individuals", Sasikala added.

She penned, "Your belief won't go in vain. Be brave with the same energy. We will soon change our party by fixing it from acting for someone's betterment and will again revive it as the movement for the cadres and to drive it based on the laws formed by our leaders, by collapsing the dreams of our political enemies, and by making every member proud of saying in the society that they belong to ADMK." In what has become a big promise, Sasikala said, "All ground-level cadres of the party, be happy and don't worry. I am living to stand with you shoulder to shoulder and to work for you."

By assuring that everything will change soon, Sasikala has appealed to the cadres to continue their people welfare works. "There is no history that truth and justice have failed. I assure you that I won't rest and I will be working to save our party and to change it as the party of the cadres till my last breath by breaking all the ordeals and challenges", she added in her effort to display her as the ADMK's face in her turn. On the other hand, ADMK has kept its stereotypic response that there is no place for VK Sasikala in the party. As Sasikala has played her turn, the party cadres are waiting for the play from EPS and OPS on their turn as the leadership crisis in the party deepens. 

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