From political leaders to the general public...TN Govt is in rain of praise for its efforts to address Cyclone Mandous!

The Tamil Nadu government has been surfaced with a deluge of praise as from political leaders to the general public, a sea of people are lauding the government's steadfast efforts to address and mitigate the damages caused by the cyclonic storm Mandous, which made landfall near Mamallapuram on Friday night by bringing a heavy downpour and gusty winds. 

As the government machinery has taken prior measures and damage-control drives to deal with the cyclone, major parts of Tamil Nadu including Chennai are gradually coming back to normalcy. In the midst of heavy rainfall, the frontliners attended the complaints about disruptions and cleared them. Besides the uprooting of hundreds of trees, there were no major cause of worry and no typical inundations. 

The people laud the Chennai Corporation and the state government for their precautionary measures which played a vital role in reviving the state from the cyclonic impact. The government has also been praised by various political leaders for its efforts and cooperation with the people to subdue the havoc. PMK founder Dr Ramadoss was among the leaders who commended the Tamil Nadu government for expediting the relief works. 

Taking to Twitter, Ramadoss wrote, "Cyclone Mandous, which was dreadfully expected in the northern districts of Tamil Nadu, passed the coast without causing any major damage. The majority of people are relieved from fears as there are no major impacts." "The Tamil Nadu government had taken adequate precautions to address the storm. Uprooted trees in Chennai and suburbs are removed immediately. There has been no major cut in the power supply. Kudos to the government", the veteran politician added. 

Ramadoss further wrote, "The measures to deal with the storm should be carried out soon in the rural areas like how it was in the urban areas. Food and clothing should be provided to people affected by storm and rain. The government should come forward to provide financial assistance to the people who have lost their livelihoods. Several lakh acres of banana crops have been damaged in the districts including Tiruvannamalai, Ranipet, and Kanchipuram. Fishermen's boats have been damaged along the coast. The Tamil Nadu government should provide appropriate compensation to the affected farmers and fishermen." 

In line with Ramadoss, his son and PMK president Anbumani Ramadoss had also lauded the state government. Anbumani wrote, "Cyclone Mandous, which was feared to cause severe damage, has not caused any damage. It is due to the precautionary measures taken by the government that the people have been prevented from suffering massive loss of property and loss of life. Kudos to the government." He urged the state government to provide livelihood to the fishermen who lost their nets, boats, and houses due to the storm. 

On the other hand, the Chennaiites are pouring praise on the Chennai Corporation, thanking the civic body for carrying out immediate measures to mitigate the disruption. Thousands of residents shared a barrage of tweets with the visuals of how the damage is immediately subdued. A user wrote, "Message from my non-Twitter parents in Tondiarpet, Chennai: Looks like Chennai Corporation did a great job to prevent inundated roads in Thiruvallur Nagar and Mandous did very minimal damage vis a vis flooding!! Great job and good to know no one has to swim through murky waters." 

Another resident wrote, "Great efforts by Greater Chennai Corporation, Tamil Nadu police, and other government officials. Removed a fallen tree within one hour, even in this situation." Another resident wrote, "Huge tree uprooted and fell right on the gate. It was 7:30 pm. Called helpline by 7.45. A team of people came within an hour and cleared the tree. Very very effective and efficient. Thank you Chennai Corporation. They came and did an excellent job in this pouring rain and wind." 

Another resident wrote, "Despite of gusty winds and cyclone warning, Chennai Corporation continues to do their work in heavy rains. Man these people are so cute. We must be grateful to them." Earlier on Saturday, Chennai Corporation wrote, "GCC (Greater Chennai Corporation) is taking all measures to clear the uprooted trees and fallen tree branches. Power to street lights are cut and will be resumed after clearing the trees. Mosquito fogging activities are also done. Please contact us at 1913 for any help."