Popular Tamil actor arrested by Chennai police for gambling!

In a shocking development, Tamil Actor Shaam was arrested by the Chennai police on Monday for reportedly hosting an illegal gambling party at his house in Nungambakkam, Chennai. 

According to the reports close to the development, Shaam and twelve people were arrested for indulging in gambling activity. The police department said it has seized tokens that were used for gambling from the actor's flat where many actors were said to have gambled at the night hours amid the lockdown. 

According to the police, the officials received a tip-off about the activity through the phone call following which they went to the actor's house around 8.30 pm on Monday and recovered the tokens and cards used for the gambling from his flat. 

Following the revelation, the police had filed an FIR under sections 45- the penalty for opening a common gaming-house, 46 -the penalty for being found gaming in a common gaming house of the Chennai City Police Act. The reports stated that section 45 prescribes a fine of a maximum of Rs 500 or imprisonment for a maximum of three months and section 46 prescribes a fine of a maximum of Rs 200 or imprisonment of one-month. 

However, the actor and twelve others were later awarded bail. Some reports suggested that the tip-off to the police was given by another popular actor who was said to have lost a major amount in the gambling at Saam's house. However, the police haven't divulged on the involvement of more actors in the case. 

The development has come a day after a 20-year-old college student from Chennai had committed suicide after losing money on gambling online. In his death note, he said he had lost all his money on gambling on the Casto Club app and the police said that he had come under depression and taken his own life.

Recently, the Madras High Court Madurai Bench has instructed the state government to amend appropriate and suitable laws to regulate and streamline the online gaming industry by stating that the addition on the gaming and gambling among young people leaving their families to endure more financial distress.