Prashant Kishor's political game: Will the Congress party accept his two conditions?

India's popular political strategist Prashant Kishor has been unfolding a political game on the grounds of speculations that he is getting close to having a political shelter in the Gandhis camp of the Congress party. Fueling the speculations, Kishor has on Thursday resigned as Principal Adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh in his bid to enter the national politics. 

In his resignation note to the Punjab Chief Minister, Kishor has cited that he has decided to take a temporary break from his active role in public life. He wrote, "In view of my decision to take a temporary break from active role in public life, I have not been able to take your responsibilities as your Principal Adviser. I request you to kindly relieve me from this responsibility." Kishor's decision to resign as Principal Adviser to the Chief Minister comes ahead of the Punjab Assembly elections, which will be held in 2022. 

The political observers say that Kishor's resignation is a clear indication of his transition from a political strategist and advisor to an active politician. Last month, Kishor took everyone into surprise through his sudden meeting with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Ever since the meet came to the limelight, speculations were rife, and though it was said that Kishor and Rahul Gandhi had discussed the upcoming assembly polls in the state, the Congress has also been looking to red carpeting Kishor into the party at a high time when the Opposition parties are taking efforts to form a national front in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls to take on the BJP.

The reports in the know say that the Congress party will make an official announcement about Kishor's induction and his role in the organization. According to a news agency, a Congress leader has said that Prashant Kishor has conveyed to the party's leadership that he wants to work from the Congress, not as a political consultant, but as a member. The Congress party won't overturn Kishor's entry into the party but, the political strategist had put out two conditions of the Congress party's leadership to accept in return for his engagement.

One is that he be awarded a national role and the other is reserving a berth for him in the decision-making body of the party. Kishor had suggested that the leadership form a special advisory committee, under the chairpersonship of party's president Sonia Gandhi, that will take political decisions. His conditions have come when the party had asked Kishor to join the party without any conditions, in the albeit of being a good input and strategist. 

Some of the reports suggest that the Congress party's leadership would face a major organizational change in the coming months, which would include appointments and the establishment of new panels. It would be no surprise even if the party awards him the advisory role, in the fashion of the party's late political adviser Ahmed Patel, reporting directly to the Congress president. 

Kishor could also be a part of a high-level advisory group that would deliberate on issues such as organizational changes in the party, election strategy, and alliances. A Congress leader, close to the national leadership, said that Kishor has worked with the Congress in the past and with other political parties too. He believes that if Narendra Modi has to be defeated, it cannot be done without the Congress party in the picture. 

The leader further adds that Kishor has a vivid understanding of the functioning of the party and he also had worked with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. It has been reported that Kishor's induction would help the Congress party form a constant alliance with the parties in which he had worked including Trinamool Congress and Aam Aadmi Party. However, the party is in the state that it should fulfil Kishor's conditions to make his game favourable for the party.