'Prince Harry promised to marry me, but he failed': A Punjab woman demands arrest warrant against Harry!

In a weird development, a woman in Punjab has sought an arrest warrant against Prince Harry by claiming that he didn't marry her as he promised. The petition has drawn national attention and caught the eyes of social media which reacted with memes and jokes after knowing that the woman has demanded an arrest warrant against Prince Harry.  

In what has become the first-of-its-kind incident, the petitioner has seen no help in reach as netizens were busy trolling the matter. According to reports, a woman in Punjab had moved her petition to Punjab and Haryana High Court in which she sought legal action against Prince Harry for not fulfilling his promise to marry her. The woman had further demanded the court to issue an arrest warrant against the Duke of Sussex.

When the petition came to the hearing, the court has asked the woman that whether she had ever traveled to the United Kingdom, for which she had denied it and claimed that she has been having a conversation with Prince Harry through social media and even messaged his father, Prince Charles about their alleged engagement. She stood with the demand of issuing an arrest warrant to Prince Harry so that no further delay would occur in the marriage. 

However, the court has rejected her petition and said that her petition is nothing but a daydreamer's fantasy. In the verdict, the justice said, "I find that this petition is nothing, but just a daydreamer's fantasy about marrying Prince Harry. This petition, though very poorly drafted both grammatically and lacking the knowledge of pleadings, speaks about some emails between the petitioner and Prince Harry, in which the person, sending the email, has stated that he promises to marry soon."

Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan further observed, "This court finds no ground to entertain this petition and can only show its sympathy for the petitioner that she has believed such fake conversation to be true. It is a well-known fact that fake IDs are created on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There is every possibility that so-called Prince Harry may be sitting in a cyber-cafe of a village in Punjab."