From providing free lunch to meeting the toppers of board exams: Five events that show Vijay is ready to enter politics!

Actor Vijay, one of the successful thespians of the Indian cinema who owns a lasting admiration from the masses, is slowly but steadily building a momentum for the next stage of his career - plunging into politics. Vijay's political entry has been on the platter of debate for the past few years and a handful of upcoming events from his outfit give us a hint that his political entry is in the making and that he would enter politics before the next assembly polls in Tamil Nadu.

For Vijay, his popularity across and beyond the borders and the potent ground team of his outfit 'Vijay Makkal Iyakkam' (VMI) would be a great asset in his political journey. The actor, besides having big projects in his pipeline, is now concentrating more on strengthening his outfit across the state by organizing social initiatives and welfare events to the people, and these events are indeed set to write the prelude of his political caliber. 

Vijay's outfit VMI isn't new to the electoral politics as the body has built a strong presence on the ground across the state, in a fashion that it can challenge even the Dravidian outfits in the polls. It's obvious that the VMI will be Vijay's political arm and it is also obvious that when Vijay officially plunges into politics, the outfit would grand him a potential stage to have a political breakthrough. Though Vijay maintains a deep silence, the activities on the ground for his political entry are on full swing. 

The outfit members are working round the clock to give a great opening for their leader in politics. The VMI's celebration of Dr Ambedkar's birth anniversary recently on the instruction of Vijay has turned heads and the members of the outfit hadn't missed to organize iftar feasts ahead of Ramzan. So, let's take a look at five events that Vijay's outfit has organized or going to organize that would confer a strong prelude to his political entry. 

  • Ground level survey: Last month, the members of VMI had held a state-wide drive to survey and collect feedback from the voters. With the view of strengthening the base of VMI, the members of the outfit had issued feedback forms to collect booth/ward-level details. They collected the details of the voters, vote bank, winners of the last five polls, vote share, notable personalities, caste details, number of booths and wards in each assembly constituency. 
  • Free food initiative: As part of VMI's social outreach, this free food initiative is a possible turning point for the outfit. The members of the outfit are providing free food every Sunday in several districts for street dwellers. 
  • Testing with strategists: While Vijay remains tight-lipped about his political entry before the camera, there were a lot going behind the screens. Earlier this week, it was speculated that Vijay has begun his talks with political analysts. A journalist wrote on Twitter, "A popular actor from South India in touch with strategists for a political plunge." Reacting to this suspenseful tweet, several social media users have claimed that the 'popular actor' is Vijay. 
  • Providing free lunch: It is yet another initiative of food programme from Vijay's outfits. On Thursday- May 25, VMI's general secretary Bussy Anand has announced that Vijay has asked the members of the outfit to provide free lunch in all the constituencies of Tamil Nadu at 11 am on Sunday - May 28 to mark 'World Hunger Day'. Besides Tamil Nadu, the members will also provide free lunch on May 28 in Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. 
  • Meeting the toppers of board exams: It would be an another spotlight on Vijay and the meeting was planned very recently. The VMI has announced that Vijay will meet and interact and award prizes to the three toppers of Class 10 and 12 board exams from all the districts in Tamil Nadu. Though the outfit is yet to officially announce the date, it has been reported that the meeting will be held during the second week of June, days ahead of Vijay's birthday. The actor would also meet the students who scored good in the board exams despite losing one or both of their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While it has also been reported that he would provide an education aid to these students, the outfit insiders had said, "The education aid event is part of Vijay's various social initiatives before his political entry, either ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha polls or Tamil Nadu Assembly polls in 2026." It is pertinent to note that it is the first time that the actor has engaged in such events like providing free lunch during the Hunger Day. 

Sources close to the outfit say that the VMI is advancing its community outreach programmes on the ground across the state and is also furthering its political aspirations by strengthening the booth committees. Under the leadership of Bussy Anand and instructions of Vijay, at least 60% of the constituency booth committees with a proper structure have been completed. 

The members of the outfit also had an experience in the political campaigning during the 2021 local body polls in Tamil Nadu. Vijay has consented the members of VMI to contest in the 2021 local body polls. They had a big political breakthrough as the members won 115 of the 169 local body seats they contested. The victory has displayed the strong presence of VMI at ground level. Now, as Vijay is working out to expand and enhance his outfit as a political party, the back-to-back welfare events and initiatives from the VMI are bearing fruit for Vijay's massive political entry.