'Punish him by throwing him in front of the train': Popular music director demands in Chennai girl murder case!

(This article is authored by Alar) 

In the midst of plenty of voices from thousands of people including from well-known public figures demanding a stringent punishment to Sathish for killing 20-year-old Sathya Priya by pushing her in front of a suburban train on Thursday in Chennai, popular music director Vijay Antony has echoed that demand and said that the accused should be punished the same way how he killed the girl. 

The shocking slaying of the girl in Chennai and the events surrounding it have been making headlines along with the death of the girl's father, who died of heart attack after hearing the news of his daughter's death. However, some reports say that Sathya's father died by suicide. As the accused, Sathish has been remanded in a judicial custody, the case has been transferred to the Crime Branch- Crime Investigative Department (CBCID) as per the order from Tamil Nadu DGP Sylendra Babu.

Popular music composer, actor, and producer Vijay Antony posted a sombre message about this act on his social media account. He requested the court that an instant action must be taken against the accused rather than hanging him after ten years. Vijay Antony was one of the first-in-line celebrities to condemn the murder and demand justice for the deceased girl. 

The music composer, actor, and producer took to Twitter and wrote, "As one among the general public, on behalf of Sathya, I am begging honourable judge to punish Sathish, who killed Sathya and caused the suicide of Sathya's father. Instead of hanging him after ten years, please investigate immediately and punish him by throwing him in front of the train." 

Sathish has made shocking confessions while being questioned. He revealed that he had been having a five-year love affair with Sathya Priya and that she hadn't spoken to him in two months. The accused claimed that he came to St. Thomas Mount Railway Station with the intention of killing her and then killing himself. People began to scream as a result of him pushing her in front of a train, and he quickly ran away.