Rahul Gandhi's big US outreach: Highlights of Congress leader's scathing attack against Modi and the BJP regime!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, after a big political boosting from a thumping triumph in Karnataka, has embarked on a tour to the United States as an outreach to meet the Indian diaspora and to express the Congress party's commitment to democratic values in India and across the world. Rahul Gandhi will be in the United States for a week during which he would interact with the Indians and perhaps would build a momentum against Modi and the BJP regime. 

As BJP celebrates Modi's popularity around the world, Rahul Gandhi is attacking Modi through the window of opposition by exhibiting how Modi's policies are threatening the democratic values and diversified cultures of India. It is Rahul Gandhi's first US tour after getting disqualified as a Lok Sabha MP and he had used the stage better to draw the support of the Indian diaspora and to bring them against the saffron party. 

Rahul Gandhi had addressed 'Mohabbat Ki Dukaan' event in San Francisco in the United States during which he interacted about Modi's flawed leadership and his treatment of minorities. Rahul Gandhi had also shared a handful of events from his nationwide march 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' and hilariously said that 'After five or six days, we realized walking thousand kilometers was not an easy thing'. He also touched upon the Tamil language and accused the Modi regime of threatening it. Let's take a look at key excerpts of his speech that turned heads, 

Attacking Modi on his self-glorifying saga, Rahul Gandhi said, "Leaders like Guru Nanak ji, Basavanna ji, Gandhi ji, they emphasised that not to be under impression that you know everything. The world is too big, too complicated for any one person to think that he understands everything and he knows everything. So, that is the disease that we have a group of people in India who are absolutely convinced that they know everything." 

"In fact, I think they think may be they know even more than God. They could sit down with the God and have a conversation and explain to him about what is going on and of course, our Prime Minister is one such specimen. I think if you sat Modi ji down next to God, Modi ji would start explaining to God how the Universe works and God would get confused that what have I created. These are funny things but really this is what is going on. At of heart of it is mediocrity that they actually don't understand anything", Rahul Gandhi stated. 

By citing that, "In life you cannot understand anything if you are not ready to listen", the Congress leader shared that he learned a biggest lesson from Bharat Jodo Yatra that there is something to learn from everybody. "India has never rejected any idea. Everybody who has come to India has been received with open arms and their ideas have been absorbed in India and that is the India that we like, India that respects the rest of the world, India that is humble, India that listens, India that is affectionate", he opined. 

Reiterating that BJP's propaganda is anger and hatred, Rahul Gandhi further said, "If you believed in anger, hatred, arrogance, you would be sitting in a BJP meeting, and I would be doing Mann ki Baat. Taking a jibe against BJP during his Q&A session, Rahul Gandhi said, "Now, they have asked me to answer your questions, see that also would not happen in a BJP meeting. No questions there, only answers." 

Responding to a question of BJP's drive of imposing one language across India, Rahul Gandhi said, "For me personally, I understand that the Tamil language is more than a language to Tamil people. It is not just a language. It is their history, it is their culture, it is their way of life and I will never ever allow Tamil language to be threatened. Because for me, threatening the Tamil language is to threaten the idea of India, just like threatening Bengali, or threatening Kannada, or threatening Hindi, or threatening Punjabi are all attacks on India." 

He further said, "Our strength unlike many other countries comes from diversity. Our strength comes from accepting that we are all different but we can work together. And that's an idea that I am sure you and the Congress party are protecting. Speaking about defeating BJP, Rahul Gandhi said, "As a political entrepreneur, I can clearly see vulnerabilities in the BJP. The BJP can be defeated if the Opposition is aligned properly." "If you look at the Karnataka elections, the general sense is that the Congress party fought the BJP and defeated the BJP. But what is not well understood is the mechanics that we used", he added. 

"On the matter of opposition unity, we are working towards it and it is coming along very nicely. But I think in order to defeat the BJP, you need more than just opposition unity. Just opposition unity, in my opinion, is not going to be enough to do the job. I think you need an alternative vision to the BJP", he stated, adding that the part of Bharat Jodo Yatra was the first step in proposing such a vision.