That Railway station, where PM Modi used to sell tea, is now the latest attraction in Gujarat!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi could have time-travelled his mind to his childhood when he inaugurated a slew of projects in his home state of Gujarat, including the revamped Vadnagar Railway station where he used to sell tea during his childhood to help his father. While unveiling the projects, Modi said that he has a lot of memories linked to Vadnagar. 

Modi is a native of Vadnagar in Gujarat's Mehsana district. He has a close connection with the Vadnagar railway station and when he was a student, he used to help his father Damodardas, who had a tea stall at the railway station. The Prime Minister had virtually inaugurated the projects and said, "My numerous memories are connected with this station." 

He had expressed his desire to visit the revamped Vadnagar railway station. "The new station looks very attractive. Vadnagar has better railway connectivity now as it is part of the Vadnagar-Modhera-Patan heritage circuit which has been converted to broad gauge and electrified", the Prime Minister added. An official said, "As Vadnagar station is a part of the heritage circuit, the tourism ministry has spent Rs 8.5 crore to give a heritage look to the existing building of the station and its entry gate. 

According to reports, Vadnagar, which sits around 100 km from the state's largest city of Ahmedabad, has become a part of the expansion of railway infrastructure. The Prime Minister has also inaugurated the Gandhinagar-Varetha Mainline Electric Multiple Unit train which passes through Vadnagar. The Vadnagar railway station still has the Damodardas tea stall where Modi used to sell tea. 

The reports say that the Vadnagar railway station has been revamped over a period of two years and its designs have stone carvings and the station has got separate entry and exit gates. The revamped station has foot over bridges connecting the platforms, a waiting hall with a cafe, waiting rooms, including a separate waiting room for women, and a toilet. Some of the other key projects inaugurated by the Prime Minister include a five-star hotel atop the redeveloped Gandhinagar railway station and several new attractions at Science City in Ahmedabad.