Rajenthra Bhalaji vs TN Police: Is the former ADMK Minister cloaking in Delhi?

The Tamil Nadu Police have been intensifying the manhunt to apprehend former ADMK Minister Rajenthra Bhalaji, who has been on run for the past few weeks to evade the arrest in connection to the cheating case filed against him. Rajenthra Bhalaji, who served as the Tamil Nadu Minister of Daily Development in the previous ADMK regime, has been unfolding a major operation to escape the arrest, amidst the formation of special police teams. 

The former minister has absconded earlier this month after his anticipatory bail petition was rejected by the Madras High Court. He has been at large and the Tamil Nadu police have recently issued a lookout notice against him to ensure that he won't flee the country. Earlier, the police team had gone to Bengaluru with the information that he was hiding there. However, the police had failed in that mission and now, a special team of Tamil Nadu Police has rushed to Delhi.

According to reports, the special team of Tamil Nadu Police has on Wednesday rushed to Delhi with the tip-off that the former ADMI minister is cloaking in the national capital. The police have detained two ADMK functionaries under the grounds of aiding Rajenthra Bhalaji and upon the investigation, the functionaries had divulged to the police that the former minister is in Delhi. Based on their confession, the team has flown to Delhi. 

The lookout notice against Rajenthra Bhalaji has been issued on December 23 to all the airports in Tamil Nadu and across the country to detain him if he tries to leave the country. A native of the Virudhunagar district, Rajenthra Balaji has been a controversial political figure in Tamil Nadu. The cases against him had accused him of cheating to the tune of Rs 3 crore with the fake promises of providing government jobs while he was serving as the minister. 

The complaints were lodged by two people including Rajenthra Bhalaji's former associate and the Virudhunagar police had filed an FIR against him under section- 420-cheating, 406- punishment for criminal breach of trust, and 506- criminal intimidation of the IPC. After knowing that he would be arrested as the sequel of the serious charges, Rajenthra Balaji had moved an anticipatory bail petition to the Madras High Court. 

However, the High Court had completely dismissed his plea on December 17 after the police department has said that it has got strong evidence against the former minister that he had committed cheating and swindled money. After learning about the dismissal of his bail plea, Rajenthra Balaji had reportedly absconded and he was last seen in an event organized by the ADMK against the DMK government in Virudhunagar. The reports say that he had immediately left the event after knowing that his bail plea was rejected. 

He was then nowhere to be seen and but carried out legal measures by moving his bail petition to the Supreme Court to evade the arrest. On the other hand, the Virudhunagar police had issued an arrest warrant against Rajenthra Balaji and the department had initially formed four special teams to arrest him. These teams had rushed to Chennai, Madurai, and two southern districts and as the manhunt had progressed, the police department had formed four more teams to intensify the search and arrest him. 

The officials are tracing his call record, his friends, and relatives to ascertain his whereabouts. It was reported that Rajenthra Bhalaji had been changing vehicles as he was on run to refrain from the radar of the manhunt. Trouble has been mounting against him and as the Supreme Court has been in the holiday season, it is yet to admit his petition challenging the High Court's rejection of his bail plea. On the other hand, the Tamil Nadu police have been strengthening the search to arrest him before his petition goes before the apex court.