Rajini's style in Bear Grylls's wild: Here's the first motion poster!

Indian Superstar Rajini's adventure in Bear Grylls's wild is getting closer to televised soon as Bear Grylls, the well-known adventurer and the host of 'Man vs Wild' has on Wednesday released the first motion poster of the episode.

Grylls took to Twitter and tweeted the first motion poster featuring Rajinikanth in the wild and the video has been on viral spread over social media as soon as he aired it. The motion poster that runs for 15 seconds has a lot to say and spurred the expectation from the viewers and the fans of both on-screen and on wild superstars. In the motion poster, Rajinikanth and Grylls can be seen standing in front of the wild jeep while the background has been filled with exciting music and with roaring sounds.


By airing the hashtag of #ThalaivaonDiscovery, Bear Grylls said that "Preparing for @Rajinikanth's blockbuster TV debut with an Into The Wild with Bear Grylls motion poster! I have worked with many stars around the world but this one for me was special. Love India". He further stated that "@rajinikanth has always been a star with swagger! But in the wild everything is different... It was so fun to spend time with the legend and get to know and see him in a totally new way... #ThalaivaOnDiscovery"

Rajinikanth with Bear Grylls and the rest of the crew while filming the series in Karnataka in January 2020


Through this episode of Man Vs Wild, Rajinikanth would be marking his first television debut and for Bear Grylls, the superstar is the second notable guest in India to explore the woods as last year, Grylls toured the forest with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that episode has marked as one of the notable episodes of Man Vs Wild in 2019.

In January, the television was filmed at the wild forests of Bandipur National Park in Karnataka and the reports say that the shooting had taken place in the Moolehole forest range in the National Park and the shooting was lasted for about two days. After the completion of the shooting, Rajinikanth said that he suffered from minor injuries in the woods. Although Grylls released the motion poster, the Discovery team is yet to announce the confirmed date in which the show would be aired.

Bear Grylls with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2019


Narendra Modi was one of the notable political figures to explore the woods where in 2016, Bear Grylls toured the US state of Alaska along with then US President Barack Obama.