Ratan Tata turns 84: A calm birthday celebration of a grand emperor...This video would surprise you!

Ratan Tata is, with no second thought, a kingpin of the Indian industries by being a grand emperor of the Tata empire, that has its reign on the ground and in the sky. Ratan Tata has been one of the inspirational and influential figures in India and his life and contribution play a vital role in the commerce of the country. A billionaire, whose empire is spreading wings across the clouds, has recently celebrated his 84th birthday. 

When such paramount leaders celebrate their birthdays, it will be of national attention as they would turn heads through lavish celebrations. However, Ratan Tata has turned heads through his calm birthday celebration, with just a cupcake. He marked his 84th birthday on December 28 and several celebrities and entrepreneurs had extended their birthday wishes to him and a video of his birthday celebration has now been going viral on social media and has taken everyone into surprise.

The video was posted by a Tata employee in which Ratan Tata was seen blowing out a candle on a cupcake flanked by another employee. The video has now become the talk of the town and overwhelmed the reason why Ratan Tata is admired for his simplicity. Ratan Tata was seen with his deputy general manager Shantanu Naidu in the video and Naidu is seen clapping and wishing his boss and feeding him a piece of cupcake. 

The business development manager at Tata Motors Finance wrote in the caption, "Simplicity. Nation's pride and inspiration for all." The reports say that 27-year-old Naidu has been working with Ratan Tata for the past three years in assisting thousands of startup queries and proposals that come to his office. The post has received over a million views and besides sharing their birthday wishes, the social media users have also commended his gesture and simplicity. 

One of the users wrote, "Legends are always different than the crowd. Each time I see any post which includes Mr Ratan Tata, I feel empowered and indeed proud. What a gem of a person he is." Another user wrote, "A towering personality and gem of a person, a true Ratan of India. Long live sir, (sic) stay happy, healthy, and blessed." Another user wrote, "No fancy celebration, no celebrity's around, no political power around, owning 200 billion dollar worth of companies, still simplicity lies in personality!! Happiest birthday to legendary."