Recovered from COVID-19? Ensure that you know these new protocols issued by the govt!

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has on Sunday issued a new set of protocols and guidelines for the people who recovered from the COVID-19 viral infection, instructing them to make these guidelines and suggestions as their routine to be less susceptible for the global pandemic. 

The Union Ministry has called for a holistic approach for follow up care and well-being of all post-COVID recovered patients. The Health Ministry has advised the cured patients to stick to the mandated guidelines of wearing a facemask, using hand sanitizer, and observing social distancing at the public places. 

The new pack of protocols had suggested the individuals consume a sufficient amount of warm water, taking the immunity-boosting AYUSH medicine prescribed by the qualified practitioner of AYUSH and the protocol advised the cured individuals to resume their personal and regular household work if they have no health issues whereas they can resume their professional work in a phased manner. 

As per the protocols, the recovered individuals are advised to have regular self-health monitoring at home including checking their temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar - if diabetic, and pulse oximetry. The Health Ministry has further instructed the individuals to do Yogasana, Pranayama, and meditation regularly and they can also do breathing exercises as advised by the treating physician and they are suggested to carry out morning and evening walk on a daily basis. 

If any individuals develop a dry cough, fever, breathlessness, chest pain, and sore throat after their recovery from the viral infection, they are instructed to take the advice of the medical doctor or qualified practitioner of AYUSH. At the community level, which is a large-scale, the Health Ministry had instructed the recovered individuals to share their experiences of how they got cured of the disease with their friends, relatives, religious leaders, and community leaders for creating awareness to ensure that the community has no grounds of rumors about the pandemic. 

The protocols had further advised the recovered patients to take part in the group sessions of yoga and meditation at the community level by adhering to all the precautionary measures and it also has instructed the individuals to have a follow-up visit, to the hospital where they got treated, within seven days after they got discharged.   

The Union Ministry has recommended the use of chyawanprash in the morning with lukewarm water or milk and it also had instructed the individuals to consume mulethi powder, Ayush kwath, and Ashwagandha powder as per the prescription of the qualified Ayush practitioner to boost the immunity in the body to counter the foreign pathogens. 

According to PTI, the Ministry clarified that the protocol provides an approach for managing patients who have recovered from COVID-19 for care at home and these protocols aren't meant to be seen as preventive or as a curative therapy. The protocols have come at a high time when the country has been witnessing a strong wave of the pandemic with an exponential rise of fresh cases. India has reported 4.7 million cases so far including 94,372 fresh cases that were reported in the last 24 hours till Sunday morning.