Release of Rajiv Gandhi case convicts: Congress draws a plan to challenge the Supreme Court's verdict!

Days after the release of six convicts, who were jailed for over three decades in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, the Congress party has drawn a plan to challenge the Supreme Court's ruling of setting them free. The Congress party has staunchly been opposing the release of six convicts while the same ruling was welcomed by its allied parties including the Tamil Nadu ruling DMK. 

The seven Rajiv Gandhi case convicts - Perarivalan, Nalini, Murugan alias Sriharan, Santhan, Jayakumar, Ravichandran, and Robert Pais had served over three decades of incarceration. While the Supreme Court released Perarivalan earlier this year by invoking its extraordinary powers, it has on November 11 ordered the release of the rest of the convicts. 

All these six convicts were lodged at different prisons in Tamil Nadu and after the unprecedented ruling, two of them walked out of the prison while the rest four were moved to a special camp in Trichy from prison as they were Sri Lankan nationals. Most of the parties welcome their release, the Congress party has been reprimanding the verdict and it had slammed the Centre for not intervening in the verdict. 

The Supreme Court has ordered the release of six convicts based on the ruling passed for Perarivalan and on their satisfactory conduct inside prison. In the midst of settling things for a new life, the released convicts tend to face yet another legal battle from the Centre and the Congress as both stakeholders are challenging the verdict. 

Last week, the Union government, after being criticized by Congress, moved the Supreme Court to seek a review of its order for the premature release of the convicts in the case. The petition against the release has come despite the fact that the Supreme Court judges, while releasing them, said, "We have no reason to keep you in jail any longer." In line with the Centre, the Congress party is framing its petition challenging the ruling.

Congress will be filing a review petition in the Supreme Court against the release this week. According to PTI, a party's insider said, "A fresh review application challenging the Supreme Court decision to release the convicts on the grounds set out in the order will be filed on behalf of the party in the next few days."