Relentless hunger strike of long time inmates in Tamil Nadu!

With the view of demanding acquittal, one of the long time inmates of Rajiv Gandhi assassination case Nalini has been relentlessly hosting hunger strike in her prison complex which had marked the eighth straight day.

Nalini and Murugan were among the seven inmates who have been lodged in Central prisons of Tamil Nadu for the past twenty eight years under the grounds of alleged involvement in murdering the then Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 when he visited Chennai. After having been under imprisonment for about three decades, Nalini was granted parole for thirty days in the month of July where she was under parole for about 51 days after High court had consented with extension. Following the parole of Nalini, her husband and one of the inmates Murugan has also tabled his parole petition in Madras High court, however, the court is yet to pronounce its verdict.



The Vellore central prison authorities, in which Murugan has been under captivity, had filed a complaint in the local police station against Murugan by stating that they had seized a smart phone and two sim cards from Murugan's prison cell after which the police department has been investigating the case and the authorities had cited that they had suspended the benefits for Murugan in meeting the relatives for the next three months under the grounds of violating the prison rules. Having been left with no benefits, it has been reported that Murugan has been under hunger strike about a fortnight with the view of opposing the ban.



Adding in the line, Nalini has been observing hunger strike in the special prison for women in Vellore district since 26th October with the collective demands of acquittal and to voice against the alleged tortures which have been unleashed against her husband by lodging him in solitary confinement. Her legal counsel said that Nalini had addressed to the state's chief minister regarding her demands. While admitting that Nalini has been under severe hunger strike, the prison authorities had stated that they have been negotiating with Nalini to call off her strike and cited that they are frequently disclosing her medical reports to Vellore's deputy inspector general of prison department. 



The reports say that both the inmates have been hosting indefinite hunger strike where Murugan had marked 15th straight day while Nalini had crossed eighth straight day following which the prison department has been consistently asking the inmates to suspend their strikes.