Remarkable faces in TN Local body polls: From students to an 80-year-old!

The wrapped up local body elections for the rural bodies in the state of Tamil Nadu has revealed that the electoral victories are not reserved for the political parties alone but it also knocks the doors of the deserved candidates, well-deserved ones indeed, who neither have the political base nor holds the wealth of the political parties. 

The counting of the votes of two-phased elections that restlessly carried out for the two days had presented the package of disappointments, debacles for the state political parties, which, despite the extensive campaigns, had lost the strongholds and expected constituencies and on the other hand, it had ratified that the age and the background doesn't matter so does the determination of the people. As this election has reported to be the first election in the state with 50% of reservation for women, the voters had given the baton of power to the students, the elderly women, and a transgender and these victories showcase how women community can march towards the empowerment and let's take a look of the remarkable and notorious election victories, 

Promising victories of the students:

A 21-year-old college student Jayasandhiya Rani has won for the post of Panchayat President of K.N.Thotti in Krishnagiri district. Jayasandhiya Rani, who is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Karnataka, has got 1,170 votes while her opponent ended with 950 votes following which she has been declared as winner with the margin of 220 votes. She has become the youngest woman village panchayat president in the state and after the victory, she said that she would focus on providing education for all in her constituency.

21-year-old Jayasandhiya Rani was provided with the victory certificate - Jan 2nd, 2020


In Tiruvarur district, 22-year-old Subitha, who is also pursuing her bachelor's in Business Administration, has been elected President of Poosalangudi panchayat in Thiruthuraipoondi union. The reports say that Subitha had organized various students' federations and she is also a member of All India Students' Federation (AISF) and she has secured 499 votes. After her victory, she said that she has been aspired to bring much development in her village during her tenure.

                        21-year-old Saranya Kumari


Coimbatore district has a similar such inspiring story as a 21-year-old Saranya Kumari had registered her victory for the post of Panchayat Ward member in Anaimalai Union of Coimbatore. Saranya Kumari, a Dalit woman with physical disabilities, is currently studying Masters in Tamil Literature at Udumalai Government Arts college and she was declared with victory after she secured 137 votes out of 470 votes. It has been reported that her involvement in the social activities for the past three years had made the voters of her area uphold her candidacy. 

Commitment matters more than gender:

30-year-old Riya, a transgender woman, is a testament that gender won't be the matter when it comes to the elections as she has swept the victory for the race of Union councilor in Namakkal district and although she has won with the huge margin by holding the DMK party's ticket, her victory is seen as the potential and notable one among the other victories bagged by the political parties.

30-year-old Riya, a transgender candidate of DMK party


Then sanitary worker, now Panchayat President:

Virudhunagar district holds the credit for presenting yet another promising victory as 49-year-old Saraswathi has won the post of Panchayat President in Watrap Panchayat Union in Virudhunagar where she worked as a sanitary worker. She secured a total of 1113 votes and won the race in the margin of 302 votes and her victory comes with the promise of revamping and fixing the water issues in her Panchayat along with constructing proper sanitation.

49-year-old Saraswathi, the Panchayat President in Watrap Panchayat in Virudhunagar


The sky is the limit, not age:

79-year-old Veerammal proves it by getting elected as Panchayat President. She has won the election and declared as the President of Arittapatti Panchayat in Madurai district. It's the third time that she has hit the grounds of the campaign as she had lost the previous ones and for this time, she contested for the post of the and she had defeated the seven other candidates with the margin of 195 votes and through her victory, she got a place in history as she has become the elderly Panchayat president in the state.

79-year-old Veerammal holds the victory certificate after getting elected as Panchayat President - Jan 2nd, 2020


Notorious victories of two wives:


Dhanasekaran (center) along with his two wives after the election victory


In Thiruvannamalai district, an employee of the cooperative department ration shop, M Dhanasekaran got a double treat as two of his wives had elected as the Panchayat presidents in Vandavasi Panchayat Union. 45-year-old Selvi, the first wife got re-elected as the President of Vazhoor Agaram Panchayat while his second wife had won as Koilkuppam Panchayat President and both of them had secured 345 and 542 votes respectively.

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