'Reviews must be posted three days after movie's release': How TN Producers Council shocked movie reviewers?

(This article is authored by Alar) 

In a decision that shocked the Tamil movie reviewers, Tamil Film Producers Council passed a resolution that the reviews of a movie must be published three days after its release. The meeting of the council was held at Kalaignar Arena in Teynampet, Chennai on Sunday - September 18 during which the resolution was passed. 

According to reports, the Council has passed the resolution barring the immediate reviews for the movies from the reviewers as the producers have expressed their strong opinion that such reviews push the movies to face backlash in box offices and would affect their business. The meeting has seen the presence of the council's president Murali Ramaswamy, Vice Presidents Kathiresan and RK Suresh, Honorary Secretary Radhakrishnan, and Treasurer Chandraprakash Jain.

In addition to these office-bearers, hundreds of producers had also attended the meeting and the resolution against the current culture of movie reviews has become the talk of the town. It has been reported that the wave of Youtube reviews, and Facebook and Twitter posts concerning the movie have sparked a perception that such reviews play a role in the poor box office performances of the movies. 

Additionally, a resolution was passed by the council to urge the film artists to refrain from giving interviews to journalists or on YouTube channels that are personally spreading information in a fashion of damaging the movies and actors. The council has demanded the Tamil Nadu government monitor and sell theatre tickets using a centralized server.