Row of Unlawful incident: A 42-year-old man detained by police in Trichy!

The police department of Trichy district, Tamil Nadu has, on Thursday detained a 40-year-old person with the connection for allegedly uploading and circulating the contents with child porn by creating the fake Facebook account.

The arrest comes days after the state police department had issued notification on locating and detaining the people for sharing and circulating the child pornographic videos online. The detained person was identified as Christopher Alphonse who is the resident of Palakarai in Trichy district and he was reportedly active in the Facebook platform through the fake accounts through which he shared and uploaded many children porn contents. 

Christopher Alphonse, the man who has been detained by the Trichy police


His identity was webbed through the IP address and it has been reported that the police had booked the accused under the grounds of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, which awards imprisonment of nearly three to seven years if he proves guilty of committing the abhorrent crime. The reports say that the accused had been working as a technician and he purportedly had a fake Facebook account under the name of Nilavan Adhavan, which he used as the tool for uploading the child porn contents. The reports had revealed that the police officials have identified at least three fake accounts in Trichy that have been used to share and circulate pornographic videos.

The accused was produced before the Mahila court and following which the Justice had directed the police department to take the accused under judicial custody for 15 days. Since the notification has been made public, the police department has been eyeing on the base of the IP addresses that have been exposed for reportedly creating and sharing the videos of child sexual abuse online. It has been reported that a few days ago, a team of ethical hacking volunteers of the cyber cell of the police, by allying with a private agency, had exposed and located about 1,500 persons across the state who have downloaded such pornographic videos and content in November.

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The notification had certainly erupted the rumors and whispers across the state that the police department would unleash the investigations against everyone who had previously logged on and visited such pornographic sites and responding to the mess, Additional Director-General of Police for Crimes, Ravi has stated that the police department would be interrogating the people who alleged shared and uploaded the child porn contents and not the people who watched the sites. The reports say Jayashree, the Superintendent of Police who heads the wing of Crime against Women and Children has been appointed as the nodal officer and she would be coordinating with the district police officials to investigate the people with the alleged connection of circulating the pornographic videos.

Ravi, Additional Director General of Police (Crime)- File photo


As per the provisions of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and the Information Technology Act, abusing the children, compelling them into the sexual acts, allegedly video recording and circulating it are offenses and severely punishable and shockingly, Chennai tops the list for watching the child porn sites in Tamil Nadu while Trichy stands at the top in sharing and uploading the pornographic contents.

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