From Rs 1000 every month to 10 lakh jobs every year...A look into DMK's poll promises!

Amid rallying in the presence of an overwhelming scale of the crowd, DMK President MK Stalin has on Sunday released the poll promises of the party for the upcoming assembly polls at the rally event organized in Trichy. Through unveiling his party's 10-year vision document, Stalin has presented a pack of seven major promises across all the arena and his pack has come up with the ingredients of addressing the major problems from education, economy, and agriculture if it comes to power by outsing the ADMK regime.

Stalin had made seven big promises under the title 'Stalinin 7 Urudhiozhigal' (Seven promises of Stalin) in which he had covered the heads of education, economy, water, education, agriculture, health, rural development, urban development, and social justice. While addressing the rally, the DMK President had asked the attendees to take a pledge. He said, "We will change Tamil Nadu into a place where everyone gets all rights. We will end every force that attempts to split the people". 

"We will function as a government that gives access for everyone to everything. We will enforce law and order strictly and we will work against crime", Stalin added. By citing that DMK will establish a foundation for a peaceful life, Stalin stated that the party will provide 100% transparent and corruption-free governance. Some of his key announcements include providing Rs 1000 to every household and making Tamil Nadu the first state in India to alleviate poverty. 

Stalin has unveiled DMK's plan of providing Rs 1000 per month as a rightful income to every household that buys foodgrains through the public distribution system. The amount will be directly getting debited to the bank accounts of the woman in the house and he said that all the families that are dependent on the public distribution system for procuring foodgrains will get benefitted from this scheme. 

On the front of Agriculture, the DMK rule will be increasing the cropping area from the current 60% to 75% by including 11.75 lakh hectares of land for farming. Stalin announced that presently Tamil Nadu has 10 lakh hectares of double-cropping lands and this will be increased to 20 lakh hectares. He also said that improving food grains and bringing Tamil Nadu within the first three places in the country. 

On the front of the Economy, A double-digit state growth rate, to reach Rs 35 lakh crore and increasing per capita income of the state to above Rs 4 lakh. The DMK's poll promises said that the creating capacity for 10 lakh jobs every year, to reduce unemployment and becoming the first state in India to alleviate poverty by rescuing 1 crore people from the trap of extreme poverty. On the head of Social Justice, Stalin said that the DMK rule will provide Rs 1000 per month income as a right to every female head of household. Stalin announced that the party will be alleviating manual scavenging completely and doubling scholarship amounts for SC/ST/OBC students. 

On the front of Education and Health, Stalin said the DMK rule will be tripling the state expenditure on education and healthcare, from 1.9% to 6% for education, and from 0.75% to 2% for healthcare and bringing the state within the top ten spots on the Learning Outcomes scores, from its current 17th spot. The poll promises of DMK said that the party will be establishing and developing exemplary schools and hospitals in every Panchayat union and putting more doctors, nurses, assistant doctors, and other polytechnic graduates. 

The upcoming legislative election is the first assembly polls for MK Stalin as DMK President and the state will be going to the polls on April 6th and the votes will be counted on May 2nd, during which the winner will be declared. Let's take a look at the election schedule in Tamil Nadu. 

  • Single-phase election for all the 234 constituencies
  • Issue of Notification - March 12th, 2021.
  • Last date of nomination - March 19th, 2021.
  • Last date of scrutiny - March 20th, 2021.
  • Last date for withdrawing nomination - March 22nd, 2021
  • Date of Election - April 6th, 2021. 
  • Date of counting - May 2nd, 2021, during which the winner will be declared.