Saffron on 'Periyar' statue in TN: Stirs controversy as Dravidian groups demand action!

In a shocking incident, a statue of Thanthai 'Periyar' has been vandalized in Coimbatore district on Friday morning by the unidentified miscreants, leaving the followers of the Dravidian Stalwart and political parties in the state to demand action against the responsible for dishonoring the statue. 

According to the reports, Thanthai Periyar's statute in Sundarapuram, Coimbatore was found dishonored on Friday morning after the miscreants had poured saffron paint over it. The locals found that the statue was painted unevenly with saffron color in the morning following which they have reported the incident. 


The development has brought tensions among the followers and leaders who back the Dravidian stalwart and they gathered at the spot and protested against the act and demanded the arrest of the miscreants behind the act. Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) has filed a police complaint against the incident and the members of the DMK party had gathered at the spot. 

Following the incident, the police department has deployed a team of police personnel to the spot. Podanur police department, which has been investigating the matter, conducted a preliminary inquiry in the spot. 


According to the reports, the statue was unveiled by Dravidar Kazhagam President K Veeramani. It was set up by Thanthai Periyar Pasarai 25 years ago. DMK leader Kanimozhi has condemned the act. She took to Twitter and said, "He is not a mere statue but the path to self-respect and social justice including those who smear him with colours."