Santhanam's 'Valentine's Day' treat...What's the taste? 'Parris Jeyaraj' review...

Santhanam is a frontline artist in Tamil Nadu who played a significant role in changing the dimension of what remained as a stereotyped path between a hero and a comedian. Santhanam has been the actor who put the prefix of trolling heroes, which had given him a wider reach along with his style of living the role. Through an outstanding career as a comedian, Santhanam has changed the dimension and started acting as a hero and he has acted in the lead role in dozens of movies. 

After a long gap, Santhanam is back on the big screens as 'Parris Jeyaraj', but whether he had a comeback or setback? Parris Jeyaraj is the second unification of Santhanam and director Johnson after their first comedic-hit 'A1'. As A1 received a decent reception from the fans and audience, the pair had stirred expectations through Parris Jeyaraj. But, did they succeed in their expectations, and did Santhanam earn a strong comeback? Let's review...

Santhanam comes as a native guy of North Chennai and runs a Youtube channel for gaana songs. He falls in love with Sastika Rajendran, but his father breaks his love and after the first love failure, Santhanam falls in love with Anaika Soti, who is the female lead. Their love goes to marriage but again his father comes into the picture and breaks his love and this time with a different reason. The rest of the story revolves around what's the reason and whether Santhanam and Anaika Soti got married. 

Director Johnson has tactically screen-played the movie along with the essence of the comedy by taking the storyline that would have stirred objections and controversies from culture-centric brains if something had gone wrong. Johnson has presented an interesting movie by pumping in a new variety of storyline and perfect timing in delivering the dialogues. However, the first half traveled at a slow pace, and the second half had gone accelerated. One of the most satisfactory elements in the movie is that the twist ahead of intermission.

Though each and every scene wins to be interesting, the audience stayed off from the movie as there was a flaw in bringing all these scenes in a continuous pattern where there was an apparent lag in the connectivity. The reason for this lag is a fractured screen-play. Johnson had spent more time concentrating on different traits on the cast and the native punchlines and he could have been concentrated more on the screenplay to present a complete movie, which is missing in the movie. 

Traveling through Gaana songs, Santhanam has delivered his usual scale of acting with punch dialogues and comedies. When we mention as 'usual scale', Santhanam is still in the comfort zone with no varieties in his role even after he acted in several movies. Santhanam's acting is incomplete when it comes to displaying serious content and appearance. Actress Anaika Soti has delivered good acting by appearing in a role of sympathy. Actor Maruti, who appears as Santhanam's father, has pillared the movie and carried the movie in the second half.

Along with Santhanam, Mottai Rajendran, Thangadurai, Ganesh, and Maran had also delivered a lively comedy and they had scored in most of the areas, which had strengthened the movie to keep the audience through the storyline. The movie has a dominance of gaana songs with the music scored by Santhosh Narayanan. However, Santhosh Narayanan should have given better background music, which could have added more colors to the movie. 

Though the movie didn't offer a huge comeback for Santhanam, it's one time watchable for the director's style of handling the storyline that would have gone into huge controversy if something went wrong and for the twist after intermission that steers the audience to keep their interest till the climax. Santhanam's Valentine's Day treat had presented the recipe that is sourer. Overall, 'Parris Jeyaraj' travels in the usual Santhanam style, and though it wasn't a huge comeback, Santhanam is lucky enough that the movie didn't give him a setback.