Sathankulam horror continues: Another case of custodial violence comes to light!

In what has become yet another police brutality in Tamil Nadu, the recent incident of police excess reported in Sathankulam, Thoothukudi had alarmingly brought the existence of horror in the town to the light, two months after the custodial deaths of Jayaraj and Bennicks, the father and son who were tortured and killed by the police officers in Sathankulam in June this year, which sparked massive outrage against the law enforcement agency. 

The recent incident of the police excess had signaled that nothing has changed in the town of the coastal district that sticks to the Tamil Nadu police department as a stain and as a setback after the custodial deaths of the father and son duo had spotlighted the police brutality surfaced around the town to the entire country, which had drawn massive flak and outrage from across and beyond the borders. 

While the responsible police officers connected to the deaths of the father and son duo have been detained, 43-year-old Martin has become a recent victim for the police excess in Sathankulam. Martin is a resident of Taikka street in Sathankulam and he has alleged that he was kept under illegal detention and beaten up by the local police officers. 

According to the reports, Martin was detained by the Sathankulam police on August 23 based on the complaint filed against him under the charges of criminal intimidation and usage of obscenities. After having been arrested, Martin was taken to the old police quarters and he was brutally beaten by four policemen- Inspector Xavier, Sub-Inspector Raja, constable Sabapathy, and the inspector's driver  Chinnadurai. 

Martin alleged that they had assaulted him in the police quarters and as the sequel of the brutal degree of treatment, he couldn't able to stand on his own and found it difficult to breathe and on August 24, he was taken to the Thoothukudi government hospital by the police after he sustained injuries. Following the treatment, Martin was then produced before the magistrate of Srivaikundum on August 28. 

During the inquiry, he divulged to the magistrate that he was assaulted and abused by the police officers and was kept under illegal detention. He said that he was produced before the magistrate only after his counsel appealed to the police officers and he was also threatened by the police not to reveal what he faced. However, he divulged the matter to the magistrate after which he was awarded the bail. 

Following the incident, the family members of Martin has demanded immediate action against the police officers for torturing him and the family had appealed to the state government to provide relief to him and the family. According to the reports, the family moved the official complaint to Thoothukudi district collector Sandeep Nanduri. The collector had issued a directive to the district revenue officer to probe the matter. 

However, the district police department had maintained that the allegations levied by Martin are false and the Superintendent of Police of the district said Martin had suffered injuries after he attempted to evade during the arrest.