Selfies won't be friendly always: This incident in Chennai shows selfies are injurious to health!

Selfies won't be friendly all time and being a selfie freak may be injurious to your health. There were several incidents where selfies had cost a life, alarming not to lose our consciousness under the guise of clicking a picture of ourselves. However, as such photographic fashion has become a part of life, we somehow end up coming through the incidents of mishaps and even loss of life as some people would love to brave themselves to take a selfie in a risky place without being aware that their life is at risk. One such incident has happened in Chennai and the bottom line is the need to have control over selfie ecstasy.

It's a shocking piece of news where a man has fallen into the unkempt Cooum river in Chennai when he was taking a selfie at dusky hours and he was screaming for help for eight hours. According to reports, 30-year-old Karthik had slipped and fallen into the Cooum river on Tuesday. He is a daily wage labourer and a resident of Periamet, Chennai. It has been reported that he was taking a selfie at the Napier Bridge wall at around 10 pm on Tuesday and fell into the river. He held on to one of the pillars of the bridge as he was almost inundated in the river and kept screaming for help. 

However, no immediate help as it was night hours and his attempt to take one selfie has put him to scream for one whole night. At around 6 am on Wednesday, some passers-by had heard Karthik's screaming from under the bridge and found him that he is trapped after which they had informed the police. The reports say that the police officials at the check post near the War Memorial responded to the situation and Anna Square Police Sub-Inspector Kumar and constable Chinnsamy had rushed to the spot to rescue Karthik. 

The officers had sent a rope down to Karthik and he tied it around his waist following which he was pulled up by them as they successfully rescued him. After the rescue, he informed the police that the incident had happened when he was taking a selfie leaning on the parapet of the bridge. His situation has worsened when he dropped his mobile phone into the river and he was unable to make a call for help, leaving him to be stranded under the bridge till the sunrise. When the news had made headlines, most of the people expressed concern about losing control while taking selfies and said that such addictions are injurious to health. 

According to a news agency, a police official said that Karthik had ended up leaning too far back while he was trying to click the sparkling portion as the backdrop of his photo. When he was positioning him, his phone slipped from his hand and he also had lost his control and eventually, fell into the river. The Sub-Inspector of Anna Square Police station has said that he had come to Napier Bridge around 1 pm on Tuesday and cleared some of the people who were assembled there to take a selfie like Karthik. After rescuing him, he was made to take a bath at a common bathroom near Marina beach and he was then taken to the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital for a medical checkup before going home.