Selvaraghavan's birthday gift...How is it? 'Nenjam Marappathillai' movie review

If you delve into the works that presented perennial and everlasting movies in the Tamil Nadu industry, Selvaraghavan would be an unskippable name that you find on the shelves that carry some of the remarkable movies made with the ingredients of all genres. Though some of his creations didn't make a breakthrough, he remains to be one of the ace directors in Tamil Cinema and there would always be a significant set of people to watch and relish his movies. 

After a gap of two years, Selvaraghavan had come up with a different journal, and ever since the announcement came about 'Nenjam Marappathillai', it had drawn major attention given to its storyline and the crew with SJ Suriya displaying an unprecedented role. After many challenges, the movie has got released on Friday on Selvaraghavan's birthday. How was his birthday gift -sweet or sour? Let's review...

After exploring various genres, Selvaraghavan's audacity had now touched horror story through 'Nenjam Marapathillai'. One of the big satisfactions for the audience is the movie wasn't orbited in a typical pattern of a horror movie, without a lengthy flashback and usual scary style.

For the fans of Selvaraghavan, it was a watchable movie in a factor of enjoying his movie-making style and classics. Though being a line of a simple story, Selvaraghavan has poured more interesting elements to watch the movie through the caliber of his screenplay. 

Industrialist SJ Suriya lives with his family and Regina comes to his house from an orphanage to take care of his children. Being an evil person, SJ Suriya tries to trap Regina in his control but Regina refuses to favor his interests. SJ Suriya harasses her and killed her. Following her death, Regina's spirit takes revenge on SJ Suriya. This storyline is neither the first in Kollywood nor would be the last but Selvaraghavan had tried to present the story in his style and screenplay. 

Selvaraghavan plays his game with the characters of a house, three important roles, and six additional roles and SJ Suriya rules the movie with his excellent acting and expresses a slew of faces from emotions to evil while female leads Regina and Nandhitha had delivered justice to their roles and Selvaraghavan would usually reflect in most of the characters of his story and 'Nenjam Marapadhillai' is not exceptional. 

The director has perfectly presented a fact of psychology that evil doesn't care about anyone or anything regardless of rich or poor. As the movie doesn't fully fit into the genre of horror, it has raised the feelings that the audience could have disappointed due to the lack of continuation at some stage. The rousing comeback of Selvaraghavan and Yuvan Shankar Raja combo had powered the movie through its splendid background music. 

Adding more power to the movie is the close-to-story cinematography from Aravind Krishna. Through watching the movie,  the audience would have apparently known that Selvaraghavan tried to present outrageous human hearts beyond class and religion. But, as the sequel of the lack of a strong story base, the movie is neither fit into a full-scale horror genre nor was it in Selvaraghavan's style and in conclusion, Selvaraghavan's birthday gift was shaky, it starts with sweet of watching his movie and ends with the bitterness in the lack of the essence of his hardcore style.