Senior DMK leader's murder case: His own brother gets arrested...Here's the shocking twist!

In what has become a shocking twist in the case of senior DMK leader D Masthan's murder, the slain leader's own brother has been apprehended by the police after it came to light that his brother was the mastermind behind the heinous crime that shook the state. 

According to reports, the police have arrested Masthan's younger brother Ghouse Basha based on the investigation that revealed a property dispute between the brothers. The arrest has come three weeks after Masthan was killed and days after taking five people into custody. Our sources said that when police questioned Basha, he confessed that he killed Masthan with the help of some people, including his son-in-law Imran.

Basha said that Masthan was asking him to repay the debt of Rs 5 lakh. As Masthan urged Basha to pay the money back, the latter have developed a grudge and made a plan to kill Masthan. Ghouse Basha also had a familial dispute with Masthan, which also played a key role behind the murder. Masthan has died on December 22, 2022, near Guduvanchery while travelling in a car. 

Initially, it was reported that he died due to cardiac arrest. He was taken to a hospital in Chengalpattu where he was declared brought dead. After noticing injuries on the nose and nail marks on his body, Masthan's son lodged a complaint with the Guduvanchery police. Based on the complaint, the police filed a case under section 174 and launched a probe. The investigation has exhumed a shocking fact that Masthan was murdered. 

In connection to the murder, police had already arrested five people, including Ghouse Basha's son-in-law Imran, who was driving the car in which Masthan was travelling. The police said that as Masthan was making arrangements for his son's wedding, he asked his brother to pay Rs 5 lakh back owing to the wedding. While Masthan was on his way to Trichy in a car on December 22, 2022, the car was drove by Imran and the latter's cousin Sultan and his friend Nasir were seated at the back of the car. 

Two other people - Thoufiq Ahamed and Lokeshwaran followed the car by bike. The police further said that Imran stopped the car in a deserted area near Guduvanchery and then Sultan and Nasir, who were sitting at the back, suffocated Masthan to death by covering his nose and mouth. After Masthan breathed his last, they rushed him to a hospital and staged a drama that Masthan had suffered a heart attack. 

The state was surfaced with the news that Masthan had died due to cardiac arrest until the police recently discovered and revealed that he was murdered. During the investigation with the accused, the police found that Masthan's younger brother Ghouse Basha was behind the crime as he had a property dispute with Masthan and was being asked to repay the debt. It further came to revelation that Ghouse Basha had instigated Imran to kill Masthan. 

The police arrested Basha from his residence in Red Hills and took him under custody. Masthan had a political affiliation with the ADMK before joining DMK and he was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu from an ADMK ticket. He served as an MP from 1995 to 2001. Some years back, Masthan quitted from ADMK and joined its rival DMK. He was appointed as the chief of DMK's minority rights wing. After DMK came to power, Masthan was made the vice president of the Minorities Commission. 

In his condolence note, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin wrote, "I was deeply shocked to learn about the death of Dr Masthan, who was a former Rajya Sabha MP and vice president of State Minorities Commission. I extend my tribute to him. Dr Masthan, who had a respect and affection on me, had always etched the party's spirit in his heart. He had completely dedicated him to the service and development of DMK's Minority rights wing."