The Shawarma shock: After Kerala, three TN students are hospitalized after eating the Levantine dish!

What has been a popular Levantine dish being prominent among the young generation in India, Shawarma has now been in the spotlight that made the people stay out of it. Dubbed as one of the trendy dishes, Shawarma has been a favourite meal for the meat-eaters and the back to back incidents in south India had shocked them and put the outlets that sell the dish under scrutiny. 

Days after a shocking incident in Kerala where a school student had died after eating Shawarma at a local eatery, three students in Tamil Nadu are now being hospitalized after eating the Levantine dish. According to our sources, three students - Praveen, a native of Kanniyakumari, Paramaleswaran, a native of Pudukottai, and Manikandan, a native of Dharmapuri, are pursuing their medical studies in a veterinary college in Orathanadu, Thanjavur. 

On Thursday - May 5, all three of them had returned to the college from their respective hometowns. Upon returning, they had gone to have dinner in a fast-food restaurant in Orathanadu. They had Shawarma and come back to the college. In some moments, they began to vomit and developed giddiness. The incident was immediately reported to the college management and the local police department. 

The three students were rushed to the Thanjavur government hospital for further treatments. They have been treated and their fellow students had demanded action against the eatery that sold the Shawarma to them. The incident had drawn quick attention as the dish has spurred a debate recently after a school student in Kerala's Kasaragod died after eating Shawarma.

The 16-year-old girl, who was a resident of Karivallor near Kasaragod, had died at the Kanhangad district hospital last Sunday while undergoing treatment for food poisoning. A bunch of school students, and the deceased girl was among them, had eaten the rotten Shawarma at an eatery in Kasaragod. While the 16-year-old had died, about eighteen students have been getting treated at the hospital. A case has been filed against the eatery. 

Two staff, including the manager of the eatery, have been arrested and they are charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including culpable homicide not amounting to murder and the eatery has been sealed. Following the incident, the Kerala state government has decided to issue stricter guidelines for safe food consumption. Kerala Health Minister Veena George said that the directions have been issued to the food safety commissioner to ensure neat and clean preparation of the dish for the customers.