Shock for CSK Fans, Suresh Raina won't be playing in IPL 2020! Here's what CSK had to say on his exit

In a major development from the IPL 2020, the Chennai Super Kings fans would be bracing up to watch the game from the UAE by missing one of their favorite stars from the entire season as Suresh Raina, who fondly has been nicknamed as 'Chinna Thala', will not be a part of Dhoni's 'Men in Yellow' fleet as he returns to India for personal reasons. 

Suresh Raina will be missed on the field, which had shocked his fans who were keen to watch his play from home as the current IPL season would be the first cricket tournament for Suresh Raina after he announced his retirement from the International Cricket. Chief Executive Officer of Chennai Super Kings KS Viswanathan has, on Saturday, made the announcement that Suresh Raina will be returning to India and won't be taking part in the current season of the IPL. 

The Chennai Super Kings has tweeted the development in its official Twitter handle in which it said, "Suresh Raina has returned to India for personal reasons and will be unavailable for the remainder of the IPL season. Chennai Super Kings offers complete support to Suresh and his family during this time." The development has come when the team is surfaced with the COVID-19 viral infection. 


According to the reports, one player and around 12 support staff attached to the team had tested positive for the global pandemic on Friday. Though the team refrained from divulging the name of the player, it has been reported that after having been circled around the spread, the quarantine period of the team would be extended and it had deferred the commencement of the training session. 

The current season of the IPL will be taking place in the United Arab Emirates from September 19 and the Arab Nation will be hosting the games in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. The league teams had left for Dubai last week and have been preparing for the battle on different grounds. The Chennai Super Kings had left for Dubai on August 21 and prior to their departure, they had camped for a five-day training session in Chennai. 

As the battle would be taking place amid the COVID-19 battle, the players and support staff have been mandated to adhere to the guidelines and protocols. The players were instructed to undergo quarantine for six days before they camp for the training sessions ahead of the match. 

According to the guidelines, all the players and support staff had got tested at the airport and they must undergo three more tests in a six-day quarantine period - day one, three, and five and the teams will be allowed to start the training session only after all the players test negative for the pandemic all the three tests. 

The BCCI had mandated the players and support staff to test for COVID-19 at least five times before they start their training and during the tournament, the players will be tested for the viral infection once in every five days. Recently, MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina had announced their retirement from the international cricket one after the other which shocked the cricket fans across the beyond the borders and the exit of one of the trusted lieutenants of Dhoni's army from the current IPL season had further shocked fans as this is the first time their 'Chinna Thala' would be missing the entire season of the IPL.