A shocker for BJP in the capital...Arvind Kejriwal's AAP smacks BJP's 15-year reign in Delhi!

While the BJP is celebrating the predictions of exit polls that the party will record a landslide victory in the Gujarat assembly polls, it has a shocking piece news in the capital as the party's 15-year reign in the local bodies in Delhi has come to an end as the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has secured the majority seats and is all set to expand its power to the grassroots government bodies. 

Winning the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is a prestige issue for the state ruling AAP and the central ruling BJP. The MCD has 250 wards and the polls were held on December 4. For being the polls at the capital, the local body elections have drawn a national attention and the votes were counted on Wednesday - December 7 at a high time when AAP needed a breather by defeating the BJP. 

As the Arvind Kejriwal's party hoped, the AAP held an edge over the BJP to win the MCD polls and the race was tight and nail-biting. While the MCD exit polls predicted that the BJP would suffer a grave defeat, the race was too close to call in midst of celebrations by the AAP cadres. As the ballots counted, the results have become clear that AAP is winning the race. 

When the AAP crossed the majority mark of 126, the party cadres advanced their celebrations and the victory has become crucial for Kejriwal's leadership when he is assaying to expand his base across the nation. AAP has been ruling Delhi for almost a decade but the party was not in a competitive position to win the MCD polls as the BJP had won the election for three consecutive terms. 

This time, both the parties had a hard-fought battle and though AAP didn't get more seats as it aimed, the results gave the baton of complete dominance of politics to the AAP in the capital. The race has also displayed the growing political battles between AAP and BJP.  While AAP has crossed the majority mark by bagging 134 seats, BJP has secured 104 seats, while Congress, which once ruled the state, ended up getting only nine seats.